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I made Jaemin turn real ! (prologue)

Title : I made Jaemin turn real ! (prologue)
Length : Chaptered (8 chapters + prologue & epilogue)
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Drama-like, romance, fluff, humor.
Summary : Jaejoong and Changmin are in love with the same girl. But she happens to be a fanfic writer and in an attempt to please her, they multiply fan service. But the more they try to get closer to her, the more something else happens.
Author’s note : Remember the old fic “A yaoitaku created Jaemin” ? The author allowed me to rewrite it my way. I hope you will like this as much as I enjoyed the first one !


It’s a day off for both Changmin and Jaejoong, and they don’t have plans for the morning, so they stay in their living room, watching a drama while reading their fanmail.
Jaejoong is very excited because he has found what he was waiting for : a mail from Ju Yoo Rin. He had met the girl in a concert and had fallen in love with her instantly. She was pretty, tall, she had a beautiful smile and she said she was a big fan of him since he debuted. She said she would write to him, and when he received the first letter, he immediately wrote her back, asking for more information about her, about what she was doing with her life.
He had managed to start a relationship with a girl without his co-members noticing, and was very proud of himself. He wanted to meet her a few times and if it went good, he would tell them everything about her. He would be the first who had a girlfriend, and that made him very excited.
She was studying to become a writer, and also worked in a restaurant. She was a little younger than him and liked hiking and camping. Jaejoong finished reading the letter and smiled happily : he would go see her at the restaurant tonight.
He looked at Changmin, who was sitting on a chair next to the window, tipping on his phone frenetically. Jaejoong smiled softly at the sight and thought his magnae was too young yet to think of girls or relationships and was probably playing a game. He got up and went to the kitchen, and came back with two snacks, one for him, one for his band mate.
Changmin was so focused on what he was doing that he didn’t notice Jaejoong coming from behind until he felt his breath on his neck. Jaejoong was smaller than him, which made it a little hard for him to see what he was doing. Changmin quickly hid his phone and said :
“Are these for me ?”
“Only one, you gourmand !”
“Thanks anyway.”
Changmin was happy but didn’t show anything. Jaejoong was a nosy person and would never leave him alone if he discovered that Changmin just set up a date with a girl. Changmin knew it was because Jaejoong cared about him, but he was the shy kind of man and would rather keep it a secret as long as he could. However he was really feeling good, so instead of starting teasing Jaejoong, he got up and went to the kitchen with the plate and washed it along with the two glasses.
Jaejoong was impressed but didn’t say anything. He knew a word would wake up the soulfighters, and at the moment he was willing to be gentle, soft, not violent, especially when the magnae was so cute and adorable with the apron.
The rest of the day was given for both men to choosing the right clothes for the date, each one secluded in his own room.
Jaejoong left first and arrived at the restaurant at 6:30p.m. He sat in the back of the restaurant, where no one would see him, and waited for the waitress to come to him.
There were few people that day, so when Ju Yoo Rin arrived and recognized him, she sat up and started a discussion. The more they talked, the more Jaejoong liked her. She was funny, smart, and had tons of ideas about life to share.
One hour later, they were still chatting, but the sky was dark blue now. Jaejoong thought it was kind of romantic and wanted to stay with her a little more, so he asked her if she was free. Unfortunately, she had a date that night, and Jaejoong felt depressed at the idea that she was meeting another man.
“Is he your boyfriend ?”
“What ? No! He will never be. He belongs to someone else. We are just meeting as friends.”
Jaejoong felt relieved and happy. When he got up to leave, Ju Yoo Rin caught his hand, which made his heart flutter, and said :
“Would you do something for me ?”
Jaejoong thought “anything!”, but said:
“Of course, what is it?”
“Would you do some fan service with Changmin ? I love you two, but soulfighters are a bit violent, and I think you are not that kind of man. I think you are kind, caring, and sweet, aren’t you ?”
Jaejoong blushed and had no choice but to nod.
He left with hopes of being accepted very soon by the young woman, and went home with plans to make her request fulfilled.
Meanwhile, Changmin was ready to leave. He had heard Jaejoong leave and had immediately gone to his room. He went through his clothes, because he wanted to borrow his black coat and his pale pink scarf for his date, but he wasn’t sure Jaejoong would agree since he had made fun of him when he had bought them, telling his hyungs it made Jaejoong look smart and chic when he was nothing like that.
Fortunately, he found what he was looking for, and quickly went back to his room. He waited there and left at 7:15p.m.
On his way to the restaurant, he thought again of the way he had known the young woman. That day he was walking on the street, like he likes to do when it rains, because there is no one to care who he is and what he is doing there at that moment. He had gone for a walk in a park, and was leaving when he met her. She was tall, elegant and beautiful. He watched her walk for a moment, and suddenly she stopped and kneeled. He thought maybe she hurt her leg, or something, so he came closer, only to see a cute little puppy in a box.
“Poor little thing, you must be hungry ! How can someone leave you out there, all alone and when it rains ? I can’t leave you here. How about coming with me ? Haha, you fluffy thing. I take you with me, but you must stay quiet if you don’t want my neighbors to complain to the landlord.”
She got up and her eyes met Changmin’s eyes. He smiled and gave her a handkerchief to dry the dog, and said :
“It’s very kind of you to take it with you.”
“Oh, it’s nothing much. I like dogs.”
“I like them too.”
“I know.”
“How do you know ?”
“You are Max Changmin, I am a big fan of yours. So… How are we going to name it ?”
“Yes, since we both found it.”
“Is it a male or a female ?”
“It’s a male. And I know how we can call it. Mangdoongie. I told you I know you. Nice to meet you Mangdoongie. I am your new mother and this is your father.”
Changmin thought it was perfect. She was perfect. He wanted to meet her again, so he said:
“Can I have your phone number ? I mean, since I am its father, I need to know if everything is alright, right ?”
She nodded and they finally left the place.
Now at the restaurant, Changmin saw Ju Yoo Rin who waved at him and waited for her to get rid of her uniform and join him.
During the dinner, Changmin learned that she was a writer, and that he inspired her. When she said she had already published a book about him, he felt impressed, and asked her if she was going to write another one, and if he could help her.
“Actually, I am the one who can help you. I know what you think about all these rumors of you and your members being in a romantic relationship. But what do you think about Jaejoong ? Lately he seems to keep leaving short messages for you on tv shows or on the radio. Two days ago, he said that he liked being with you because he felt special in your eyes, and that he missed the old days when he could stroke you tenderly. I know it seems like nothing for you, but you should be careful not to make him fall in love with you. I am sure that if you watch him carefully you will soon notice that his behavior is different.”
Changmin didn’t take it seriously and thought she didn’t either, because she soon changed the subject. They spent the rest of the time chatting happily, and when it was time to leave, he thought she was really a great girl and asked her to meet her again.
“Sure. Just text me when you have free time.”
He came home with romantic ideas, and found Jaejoong in the kitchen, cooking.
“You’re back ? Where were you ?”
“Went out for a walk. I am tired, I will go change and take a shower.”
“You look handsome in these clothes.”
“Ah… Hehe, sorry. I wanted to tell you, but you were already gone, and-“
“Yeah, whatever.”
Changmin was about to finish his shower when he realized he had forgotten to bring a towel. He called out but Jaejoong didn’t answer. He thought it was safe to come out and quickly go to his room, only to collide with his bandmate on the threshold of his room.
He was about to yell at him and ask what he was doing in his room, but his eyes met Jaejoong’s eyes and he remembered he was naked, so he hid himself and blushed.
“Here”, Jaejoong said, handing him his towel. “I figured out that you needed one since you were calling me from the bathroom.”
“You are very handsome.”
Changmin was surprised, but answered :
“I know.”
“Smartass. I got a call from the manager. He wants us to do some fanservice tomorrow. As much as we can, he said.”
“Okay. Be ready, my dear.”
Changmin said that with a challenging tone. He just remembered what Ju Yoo Rin had said earlier and thought it would be a great opportunity to show her and everyone that it was just rumors.
The next day, Dong Bang Shin Ki was busy. Their schedule was full and they came back home exhausted, late at night.
Jaejoong had thought of Ju Yoo Rin the whole day, and was sure she had been happy with what he had done.
Changmin, on the other hand, was all but satisfied. Their manager wanted him to do fan service and he had complied. He had accepted to do skinship, and had even kissed Jaejoong on the hand. But the latter never seemed satisfied. The more Changmin was bold, the more Jaejoong answered. He even dared to kiss him on the cheek. But what was the worse for Changmin was when he told everyone about the little accident they had the day before.
Jaejoong had dared to tell them that he had seen him naked, and that he enjoyed the sight. But when Changmin felt he couldn’t take more was the moment Jaejoong asked him if he had dreamed of seeing him like that too, because “he was ready to let him know every single part of him” too.
The other members had looked at Changmin dumbfounded, because usually he was the least inclined to speak about private things like that, and he knew they were sure something happened between them.
Once at home, he went to his and Junsu’s room and changed quickly his clothes before going to bed. He didn’t want to talk to his bandmates.
He knew that, unlike him, Jaejoong was very open about skinship as well as his feelings for his bandmates, and that he also liked to do fan service since he was not bothered by the rumors about him and his bandmates. But he had always thought Jaejoong would choose Yunho, their leader, if he wanted to do something so daring. Changmin was far from thinking Jaejoong had something in mind when he acted like that, but he decided not to let him go further. He didn’t want to admit that he had felt strange when Jaejoong had touched him. He was not sure what it was yet, but he didn’t want this feeling to come back.
Jaejoong was cornered by the members as soon as they came home and saw the magnae go to his room.
“What was that ?” Yunho asked.
“Care to explain?” Junsu said.
“What did you do to him?” Yoochun wondered.
“I didn’t do anything, okay ? I told him the manager wanted us to do some fan service and he agreed. That’s all.”
“You really think we will believe you ? We all know he dislikes fan service.”
“If we can call that… show fan service !” Junsu said.”
“Is it true that you saw him naked ?” Yoochun added greasily.
“Of course it’s not!” Junsu said. “Changmin would never-“
“Yunho, say something !”
“Why did I not know about that? The manager didn’t tell me nothing. Why you and Changmin ?”
“Are you jealous ?”
“We all are !” Yoochun said. But you went too far, even for me.
“He is the youngest, Jae. You seem to forget that.”
“I didn’t forget anything. I saw him. I really saw him. And I can assure you all that he is a full grown man. There is nothing wrong with-“
But the members stopped listening and left.
“It’s not like it was true! We were just doing the show ! We are artists ! We can play our roles well !” Jaejoong yelled.
But for an unknown reason, he felt happy. That night, the last thing he thought of before going to sleep was Changmin’s handsome face when he blushed, naked.

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