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Unexpected love

Title : Unexpected love
Pairing : Jaemin (main), Minsu (slight), Homin (one-sided)
Genre : drama-like, romance
Length : One shot
Summary : Jaejoong is a fine young man from a healthy family that wants him to marry soon. Changmin is the second son of Jaejoong’s parents’ old friends who has the habit to run away from home. Jaejoong and Changmin are set for a blind date, during which they don’t get along well. However, under his parents’ pressure, he decides to hire Changmin as his fiancée in exchange of money. But the more they get to know each other, the more their feelings change…


Jaejoong was tired. He had just finished his last meeting as the heir of a big company’s CEO. Now he wanted to have dinner and go to sleep. He hoped his parents would let him have some rest and not push him about his last blind date. The woman was everything Jaejoong didn’t want as a spouse : boring, conformist, incapable of thinking by herself.
Jaejoong had gone to numerous blind dates with women to please his parents, but he always rejected them for a reason or another. He didn’t want to let his parents know that he was not interested in marriage for now, which gave him often a hard time trying to find an excuse to refuse this or that girl. He knew his parents would eventually find out, but he planned to delay the moment.
However, as soon as he put a foot inside the house, his mother called him in the living room. She was sitting on the couch with his father, and immediately got started :
“So ? No plans to see Miss Tae Won again ?”
“No, mother.”
“It’s been a week already. How many times did you meet her?”
“You didn’t like her ?”
“You don’t seem to be trying, Jaejoong-ah.” His father said.
“I’m sorry.”
“Did you have dinner yet ?” his mother worried.
“Go eat something. The maid has heated your meal.”
Jaejoong left. This time, it had been easy. Maybe his parents were changing their mind ?

Changmin was worried. What took Junsu so long to join him ? He never felt reassured in that kind of place. It was already late and Changmin wanted nothing more than go to Junsu’s apartment. But he had no spare key, so he came to that gloomy bar where Junsu usually finished his day of work.
He looked around and met a man’s eyes. The man was looking at him eagerly. His eyes were dilated and he wore a stupid smile on his face. He was big and fat. His clothes were worn out, and he had lost a shoe. Changmin wondered if the man had a home to go back. But then again, he himself had a home, but he would rather stay out all night than go there.
Suddenly, the man was next to him and leaned on his neck.
“Mhh, you look very tasty, come to hyung”, he pronounced indistinctly, with a dangerous smile.
Changmin leaned away and said, afraid :
“I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone”
“Changmin-ah ! You stay away from him, you punk !”
Junsu suddenly appeared and pushed the guy from his seat. The man, who was drunk, fell heavily on the floor and it took a moment for him to realize what happened. He looked up and saw Junsu pulling Changmin’s arm, trying to get him to leave the place. Changmin was looking at the man, worried he would get up and hit Junsu. And indeed the man tried to steady himself, already grumbling and looking angrily at Junsu.
“I saw him first, you ycvpvkku ! I am going to kill you !”
He grabbed the first thing that was within his reach, which was a chair, and threw it in Junsu’s direction. But the latter avoided it and it landed on a table, making everything fall down. The sound of broken glasses caught the owner’s attention.
“What is happening here ? You bunch of drunkers ! How dare you !”
He came closer and saw the man lying down and recognized Junsu.
“Junsu ! You punk ! Are you messing with my clients ? You think I can afford paying for this ?”
“No, of course, boss, I will pay for everything !”
“I know you have no money ! Just go out ! Go out and take your boyfriend with you ! And don’t come back ! You’re fired !”
Junsu grabbed Changmin’s hand and fled quickly, avoiding being hit by the bartender, who followed them in the streets.
“I never want to see you again !” He yelled one last time before going back inside.
Junsu and Changmin had run up half the street but stopped when Junsu twisted his ankle. He was still holding Changmin’s hand and they almost fell together.


Jaejoong was sitting on the terrace of a bar not far from there with his friend Yoochun, who had insisted to go out for a drink. They were about to leave when they witnessed the scene.
“Junsu, are you okay ? You almost fell. I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault if you are a better runner than me, Changminnie.”
Junsu squatted to take a rest. Changmin squatted next to him and rubbed Junsu’s ankle.
“You seem fine. You’re not hurt badly. Thank-“
Junsu interrupted him by wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him on the mouth, in the middle of the street. When he pulled back, Changmin shouted angrily to hide his blushing.
“Hyung ! What are you doing !
“You’re so sweet, Changminnie, I couldn’t resist.
“Well, now I need to find another place to work at. He will never hire me.”
“What do you mean ?”
“We need money, hyung. I can’t stay doing nothing while you’re working.
“Changmin-ah ! I would never let you work for him. You’re too young and too innocent !”
“You think I don’t know what you have been doing there ? I can’t stand to know you go with crazy men like that drunken man.”
“I suppose you won’t go back to your parent’s home tonight ?
“I was hoping you would let me stay with you.”
“Let’s head back then.”
“I know what I will be doing to make some money.” Changmin said, confident.
“I’m listening.” Junsu said, expectantly.
Junsu sighed.
“What ?” Changmin said. “I’m good at cards and I’m very smart.”
“You’re hopeless.”
They left, leaving Jaejoong with his mouth wide open, and his friend laughing.
“I agree with the guy. The boy looked tasty. I would have done the same !” Yoochun said.
Jaejoong didn’t answer. He had witnessed the kiss with embarrassment, but the scene gave him an idea. He eventually told Yoochun he had to go and headed home. He found his parents had just come back from a dinner at a friends’ home.
“Oh, Jaejoong-ah ! You’re back ! We also just came back. We have had dinner at Shim’s house. It was nice. They are really doing well. Mrs. Shim was wearing that new perfume I wanted to buy last time, remember, darling ?”
Her husband nodded and added :
“Their sons have grown up well. The last time I saw them Yunho was still a high school student. He will probably take over his father’s business.”
“But the younger will inherit half of the fortune. I think he is a good catch.” Mrs. Kim said. “You know, we have a surprise for you. Sit on the couch and listen to what your father has to say.”
Jaejoong did as he was told but before his father uttered a word, he said :
“Father, mother, I have something to say too. I want you to know that I won’t go on blind dates anymore, unless you find a man who wants to marry a man. I’m gay.”
He hid a contented smile, because he was sure he had shocked them and that they would never be able to answer something back. But his father, far from getting angry, simply said :
“We have the perfect match for you. As I was about to tell you, the Shims have two sons, and they are willing to marry their second one. His name is Changmin, you probably have forgotten about him. I had too, since he was only four when I last saw him. He is now 19. We didn’t see him, but his parents showed us a picture of him. He will inherit half of his parents’ fortune.”
“You are going to love him, my dear. He’s tall, very handsome, smart, he has a good character, though his parents are worried because he tends to run away from home since he has been friends with a good-for-nothing. They understand he wants to live his life, but they want him to settle down with a serious, older man before he becomes used to this new bad habit. They trust you to take care of him and bring him back to his studies.”
While his parents were rambling, Jaejoong thought he was probably the most unlucky guy in the world. He decided to keep quiet for now and see what was coming next.


Changmin’s cell phone had been out of battery for two days now. He needed to go back home where he had forgotten its charger. He had delayed the moment as much as he could, but he couldn’t let his parents unable to reach him. He knew his mother would be worried if she couldn’t talk to him. He decided to go during the day, thinking it would be safer if he didn’t meet anyone. He would just take a few clothes, a few things he needed and leave as if he hadn’t been there at all.
He was in his bedroom, wondering if it would be safe for him to write a note to his parents, to let them know he was fine, when he was interrupted by a voice he knew very well.
“So you finally came back. Welcome home, dear brother.”
Leaning on the threshold of his room, tall, elegant in a perfectly fitting dark blue suit, a mocking smile lingering, Yunho, his big brother, was standing. Changmin felt his heart beat suddenly race and all his cells in his body freeze. He looked up slowly, not daring to make a move that would provoke his brother.
“Did you miss me ?”
Yunho smiled when he asked the question, but Changmin knew he was dead serious.
“Because I missed you a lot.” Yunho continued.
Time seemed to stretch out, but Changmin knew only a few seconds had passed since his brother had arrived. He tried to think quickly of an answer that would make him leave but didn’t find any.
“What about a hug, Changmin-ah ?”
And with these words, Yunho came closer, while Changmin, aware he couldn’t run away nor fight his brother, just stood there, unable to move. Yunho wrapped his arms around Changmin and hugged him strongly. Changmin couldn’t help but have some memories back.
Yunho had been a good brother for most of his life. He was caring and loved to spoil his little brother who was ten years younger. He trusted him so much he had even shared with him his most important secret : he was gay. At that time gay men were not appreciated. But Changmin had fully supported him and didn’t try to avoid his touch, like people did with gay men. Changmin used to hug his brother and say cutely : “don’t worry, hyung.”
Everything went good between them until one day, when Yunho discovered they were not real brothers. Changmin told him nothing would change between them, but something did : Yunho’s feelings. He told Changmin he thought he was in love with him, and he kissed him. Changmin pushed him back, and told him he couldn’t see him as something more than his brother. Yunho had then tried to rape him. He had torn apart his shirt, had thrown him on the floor, took hold of his arms with his hand, and made sure Changmin couldn’t move away from him while he kissed him everywhere, in the neck, on the shoulders, on the chest. But when he arrived lower, he stopped and looked up at Changmin’s eyes. They were full of tears, pleading silently, but Yunho noticed Changmin wasn’t struggling to be let free. He didn’t try to avoid his touch, because he wanted to keep his word that he would always be by his side. Yunho had then let go of him and murmured him to leave the house, because he feared he wouldn’t be able to stop himself another time.
Since then, it was like a bet for Yunho. He would tease Changmin to see when he would break his word and leave his side. Changmin knew Yunho felt miserable and hoped that with some time, he would forget about him and everything would come back to the old times. Meanwhile, he had left the house and lived with Junsu, a guy he had met in the street and who had given him a shelter the first few days.
Yunho finally let go of him and took a step back.
“Are you going to stay?”
But he didn’t need an answer, the half open bag on the bed was telling everything. He watched as Changmin slowly stood up, gripped his bag and left.


Changmin had never needed money. He always had his parents or his brother taking care of everything. Now that he was out of the house, he had used a credit card his mother had given him the second time he had run away, telling him she didn’t want him to skip meals. But when his parents noticed it had become a habit, they decided not to credit that account anymore, hoping he would come back home soon.
That didn’t work though. When they met the Kims, they discussed about their sons and the idea that Changmin was gay popped up, which led them to decide they would marry him through a blind date with Kim’s son. Their friends were indeed a wealthy family, and Jaejoong was a fine young man who worked at his parent’s company as an editor and would inherit his family’s fortune.
Mrs. Shim called his son’s phone, but he didn’t answer. She decided to leave a text message : “Minnie-ah, you know I don’t like you to be unreachable. Please make sure to meet me at my favorite restaurant tomorrow at noon. I have some news for you.”
When Changmin read the mail, he wondered what that was about, and left Junsu’s apartment with the hope of money flooding his account again.
He went to the restaurant and waited for his mother, who soon arrived.
“Minnie-ah, my dear ! I missed you ! How have you been ?”
“Fine, mom, thank you. How is dad ?”
“He’s fine. Listen, I have checked your bank account. It’s already empty. Where are you living ? Are you eating your meals ? I hope you’re not staying at that horrible boy’s place. It must be dirty and cold, and- Did I tell you that I had good news for you ?”
Changmin listened to her and when she came to talk about a blind date with a man, he wondered why she thought he was gay, but he then remembered that he had never had a girlfriend or showed any interest in girls and that for some weeks now he had been living with a man. It was an easy guess for his parents. He thought of his brother. He would finally be able to admit he was gay and be allowed to marry a man too. It was overall good news indeed. But he needed to gain something in this.
“Thank you, mom. I will go, I promise. If… If you put some money on my bank account.”
“Of course, my dear, I also wouldn’t want you to go on a blind date dressed like this. You need to go do some shopping !”
She added a few advices about what she thought suited him best and reminded him not to skip the date this evening if he wanted his account credited, then left for a meeting with some friends.
Changmin watched her leaving and sighed. He didn’t want to date someone. He didn’t even know if he was gay. He had not thought about that yet. But he remembered Junsu, the kiss, and brought his hand to his lips with a slight blush.
He left the restaurant and went to Junsu’s place. He changed his clothes and waited for the man to come home. He hoped he would lighten his day and defend him against his parents’ will. Maybe he would even forbid him to fall in love with someone else. He thought Junsu would say he would rather have him becoming a gambler than be taken away by some man.
When Junsu came home, Changmin told him everything.
“That’s great, Minnie !”
Changmin looked at him dumbfounded.
“You need to change your clothes though. Dark suits you best. More mature. You want to look your best, right ?”
Changmin looked down with a pitiful face and murmured :
“I don’t want to go.”
Junsu came closer. He pinched his cheeks and said with a bright smile :
“Don’t be like that. I must admit I’m a little jealous, but you need to go. I’m sure you will love him.”
“I’ll go, just so that my parents credit my account. I don’t want to get married” Changmin said with a pout.”
“If you change your mind and fall in love with him, don’t forget to invite me and my girlfriend to your wedding !”
Changmin, who was sipping tea, choked on it.
“You… You’re… I mean, you have a girlfriend ?”
“Not yet, but I plan to ask the girl out as soon as I have money.”
“I thought… Since you worked as… With men… And…”
“Oh, I see. That’s just because it pays better. I’m straight. But don’t worry. I don’t mind you being gay at all.”
Changmin felt depressed. He had thought he had found someone nice to him, caring, and he wanted to love him. Now he had to date an unknown man, probably much older, ugly, boring, who wouldn’t care about him but was only interested in his fortune. He went to the blind date, determined to show him his worst side so that the man would not want to see him again.


Jaejoong was waiting for his blind date, wondering how the guy would be like. His parents had told him they had known each other when they were young, but he couldn’t remember. From the description his mother had given him, he should be interesting.
Changmin came on time, but he waited a little farther. He wanted to be late and that way he could also examine the man. He had imagined some old boring man, but he was surprised to see a handsome man, barely older than him, wearing a dark blue suit elegantly. He seemed to be cold, with his dark eyes and his pale face. Changmin was in no mood to entertain the man. He waited fifteen more minutes before heading to the man.
“So you are the much talked about Kim Jaejoong ?”
Jaejoong watched Changmin throw himself on his seat and stare at him with a smirk and a knowing look.
“You are pretty like a girl, which explains why you’re gay. You are younger than I thought which makes me think you are here because of your parents. You dress like a business man for a date, which makes me say you are confident at work but not with people, and you try to hide it. Now listen carefully : I don’t want to marry you, I don’t even plan to date you. I would appreciate it if you told your parents that you are not interested. Now I need to go.”
And with that Changmin left. He immediately called his mother to let her know that he had gone to the date and ask for his money.
Jaejoong, on the other hand, was so shocked he was unable to utter a word. So that was the man his parents had so much praised ? A witty, rude kid without manners ? Jaejoong was angry because he had been made fun of, but most of all he was disappointed. He didn’t think it would turn out like this. He went home and hoped he could go to sleep, but his parents were waiting for him in the living room.
His mother started :
“So I hear you didn’t like your date ?”
“Uh ?” Jaejoong said.
“Don’t be like that, Jaejoong-ah. His mother said that he confessed that you had bluntly rejected him tough he liked you. He doesn’t dare go to another date now. I thought I had raised you better than that. I’m very disappointed.”
“Your father and I hope you will come to your senses and explain to us why you acted so cruelly to him.”
Jaejoong was dumbfounded. He wanted to say that the kid was a liar, that he was the one who had been mistreated. But one look at his parents made him think otherwise. He hung his head, resigned, and listened to his parents. His mother eventually demanded him to go to a second blind date with the boy and apologize.
“I want you to give it a try. If you get to know him, I’m sure you will love him in no time. He already likes you, which proves he is a nice boy. Be kind with him and everything will be alright. I’ve already set up a date for you, tomorrow evening in another, more romantic restaurant. I don’t want him to complain about you anymore.”
Jaejoong went to bed, but he knew it would be hard to get some sleep.


The next day, Changmin didn’t come late. He was angry at the man for having accepted to see him again.
“I thought I had made myself clear, Jaejoong-ah ! You just needed to say that you didn’t want to date me. Why do I have to be here again ?”
“First of all, it’s not ‘Jaejoong-ah’, for you it’s ‘Jaejoong-shi’ or ‘hyung’. Secondly, you are the one who told his family that you so loved me and that I was the cruel one who rejected you wholeheartedly. When exactly did I say I rejected you ?”
“I thought you would. Do you mean … By chance… No way ! Are you interested in me ?”
“Then we agree. I need my mother to know you rejected me. »
“I can’t.”
“What do you mean ? You just agreed-“
“It’s not that simple. I cannot be the one rejecting you. I also have a family with expectations. I can’t be the one who rejects you. At least not now.”
“So what do you suggest ?”
“I have an idea. What about dating me ? I mean, not for real, but we could… go out together for a few weeks, just so my parents see I gave it a try, and after that we decide to break up and end this.”
“What do I get out of it ?”
“What do you want ?”
“I need money. You want to hire me as a boyfriend. Then I want a salary.”
“20.000 wons for each date.”
“You really are stingy. I don’t have a car, you will take me everywhere we go with your car.”
“You will also be the one paying for what we eat and drink.”
“Why is that ?”
“Because I’m still a student and you’re working.
“Your family is rich.”
“But I’m not. And your family is about as rich as mine.”
“Okay, but I will be the one who decides about the dates and places of the meetings. I will also be the one who decides when we end the contract. If you stop it before I say so, you will repay me for everything.”
Changmin nodded and said.
“I have to go now.”
Jaejoong sighed and left the restaurant after paying for the drinks.


Jaejoong was not looking forward to have his date with Changmin. He knew the kid would order for ten, eat most of it, and except for the smiles he threw to the food in front of him, stay indifferent to whatever Jaejoong said to make the conversation. He had tried to ask Changmin about his studies, his friends, his hobbies, but the kid just ignored him and gave all his attention to the delicious meals he had in front of him. And since he never finished all the plates, he always asked the waiter to put the leftovers in a bag.
Jaejoong didn’t understand why Changmin ignored him, he didn’t know why he felt a little hurt by his behavior, but he said nothing. Instead he talked about books, movies, even anime and recommended his favorites to Changmin. He was sure Changmin didn’t care the least about what he talked about, and he bravely made conversation by himself just in case a member of his or Changmin’s family happened to see them.
When they had finished eating, Jaejoong usually drove around with Changmin and dropped him off in front of the library of his university, even though Changmin didn’t go in. Jaejoong thought it was just simpler for Changmin to find his way back from a place he knew, and didn’t insist to take Changmin home.
However, one day Changmin received a call and Jaejoong saw him become pale. He looked up at Jaejoong and said :
“I need to go. Something urgent came up.”
“Do you want me to give you a ride ?”
Changmin agreed and they left quickly. Changmin told him to go to the hospital. When they arrived, Changmin didn’t wait for Jaejoong and rushed to find Junsu’s room.
“Junsu-yah ! What happened to you ?”
“Nothing really, Minnie. Just a client who was not satisfied with me…”
“So he just beat you up ?! I told you to quit this job ! I swear if I ever catch that bastard…”
“Language ! Minnie !”
“Sorry… Hyung, how do you feel now ?”
“I’m fine, except for the hospital bill… I don’t know how-
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it. Just have some rest now. I will come back very quickly.”
Changmin hugged carefully Junsu, his eyes tearing already, then left.
Jaejoong watched the scene, surprised. It was the first time he ever saw Changmin like this, caring, obedient, listening. Jaejoong felt actually taken aback by Changmin’s reaction. He wondered who that Junsu was, since his parents had only talked about Yunho as his brother.
“You must be Kim Jaejoong, right ? I’m sorry if I interrupted your date. Actually I didn’t want them to call Changmin, but they did it anyway. I’m Kim Junsu, I’m a friend of Changmin.”
Jaejoong looked at the clothes Junsu was wearing, which consisted in a pair of gold sequined shorts and a black sleeveless top which had been torn apart. He looked like a host.
“Changmin is a sweetheart, isn’t he ? Always taking care of everybody, even someone useless like me… And he never asks for anything in return. Just pays the bills, brings me delicious food and keeps me warm when I come back from work late. Too bad his parents don’t know about what his brother did- Minnie ! You’re back !”
“Yes, hyung. We can leave, if you are feeling better. I took care of everything.”
“Let’s go.”
They were about to leave when Jaejoong proposed to take them home. Junsu accepted gratefully and Changmin reluctantly agreed.
Jaejoong observed Changmin on the way back, in the rear-view mirror. He had put an arm around Junsu’s waist, and made him lean on his shoulder, so that Junsu would be half lying on him, and stroked Junsu’s head softly with one hand, in a soothing way until they arrived.
The apartment where they lived was very small, but clean and tidy. Jaejoong didn’t last long. Junsu had fallen asleep in the car, so he helped Changmin carry him inside, put him on his bed, and watched him cover Junsu comfortably with the blankets.
Changmin followed Jaejoong out to the car, and thanked him. He told him he would make up for the date later, and went back in the apartment.
On his way back home, Jaejoong thought about the last events again. It was like he had seen two different men. The one he dated was either witty and rude, or indifferent to anyone, only interested by money and food. The other was a loving and respectful dongsaeng who was only 19 but already in charge of someone older than him.
Jaejoong felt a pang remembering the difference between the blank look Changmin threw at him whereas he only looked at Junsu with tenderness and care. He wondered if Changmin was in love with Junsu. He was pretty sure there was nothing between them, and wondered what the situation that led them two to meet was. Junsu had said something about his brother Yunho, and it seemed like he was the reason why Changmin had left his home.


Changmin had spent the next two days home, taking care of Junsu. When he asked how he had paid the hospital bills, he told him he had met his mother and she had credited his bank account, which was true. He didn’t talk about the contract he had made with Jaejoong, because it was expected not to last long, and now that Jajoong had found out about Junsu’s job as a host, he was sure Jaejoong would be willing to end their relationship as soon as possible.
He couldn’t deny that the man had surprised him though. Most people Changmin knew looked at Junsu with a dirty look or were too shocked after the first meeting to meet him twice, and didn’t spare Changmin their right-thinking comments.
But not Jaejoong. He had called him twice, not to end the contract or ask him for an explanation, but to ask about Junsu’s health, and if they needed anything.
The third day, Junsu went back work, and Changmin helped him keep his job as a waiter by begging the owner along with Junsu. After that he called Jaejoong and asked if they could meet.
Changmin found Jaejoong waiting for him, like usual, at the restaurant they had chosen, and felt strange about it. He had expected Jeejoong to be taking his time, to show him that he disregarded him now that he knew about his acquaintances.
Jaejoong welcomed him with a smile and immediately asked about Junsu.
“He went to work. He almost was fired for not coming for two days, but everything is fine now.”
“I took the liberty to order already, because I thought you would not be able to stay for long. I hope it’s okay.”
“Thank you.”
“I also need a favor. My parents have been asking about us lately and they want us to have a dinner all together tomorrow night at home. Would you agree to come over ?”
Changmin looked at him dumbfounded. Jaejoong didn’t seem about to stop anything. He wanted him to actually take a step further and invited him to meet his parents. Changmin would have never expected things to turn out like this, and was already thinking about finding a job to earn some money now that he wouldn’t date Jaejoong.
He nodded and ate silently. But this time, instead of blatantly ignoring Jaejoong, he watched him while eating.
Jaejoong was handsome, that he had admitted the very first day. But he had not really looked at him. He had not noticed his big bright eyes which looked back at him without contempt. He had not noticed how his mouth smiled with his eyes when he told him to eat slowly.
Jaejoong had not kept silence this time either. He talked like usual, about everything, and even if Changmin didn’t answer, he felt at ease nonetheless.
When they were about to leave, Jaejoong asked for the leftovers to be packed, and handed them to Changmin after driving him home. He reminded him he would come take him to his home the next day at 7:00, and asked him to say hello to Junsu before waving a hand while leaving.
Changmin remembered how Jaejoong never reproached him anything. He had done his best to make him feel uncomfortable, but Jaejoong had never said anything. He had gone on with his rambling, and never failed to smile at him when their eyes met. It was time for Changmin to make it up to him.


The next day, Changmin wore his best suit and waited for Jaejoong outside the apartment. The ride was silent, like usual.
Jaejoong dreaded the meeting. He knew Changmin was not very talkative, but he mostly feared that his parents would find out he didn’t know anything about Changmin yet.
The dinner was a surprise for him. Changmin discussed with his parents cheerfully about every topic his parents chose. He answered to their questions about his family, his studies, he talked about the news, he played with Jaejoong’s parents’ dogs.
He learned that Changmin’s parents had planned their two sons to both inherit their business, and that since Changmin didn’t want it his parents had requested him to become a lawyer to be able to help his brother, just like Changmin’s mother had studied law to help his father with the company.
He learned that Changmin liked animals and children, and that he liked to carve wood and make toys for kids in his neighborhood.
Jaejoong discovered Changmin’s smile was beautiful, and noticed his eyes mismatched when he smiled.
Jaejoong was grateful to Changmin for being a nice and friendly guest towards his parents. He was happy to see Changmin finally open up. But most he admired the way Changmin made it as if Jaejoong knew about all this. He talked about things Jaejoong had said during their dates, and to Jaejoong’s great surprise, he even quoted his favorite sentences from his favorite books, and discussed about them with his parents.
Jaejoong realized Changmin had been listening carefully to what he had been talking about during their dates. He had read some of the books he had recommended him, and shared his taste for anime and movies. He knew what Jaejoong liked to eat, and spontaneously removed the onions from Jaejoong’s salad after his mother had served him.
Jaejoong had not said anything, but he had felt jealous of Junsu. He had envied him to know so much about Changmin when he himself had never been able to learn the least thing. He had yearned to see Changmin find some interest in him, and felt ashamed to see that he had been rejected all this time without apparent reason.
After the dinner, he drove him back to his apartment. The ride was silent, and Jaejoong felt sad to think that Changmin always stayed silent when it was just the two of them.
When Changmin got of the car, Jaejoong watched him enter his apartment. He had questions but he thought Changmin had done enough for today, and decided to wait for their next date.


Jaejoong was waiting for Changmin in the restaurant. He had met the young man numerous times before, but it was the first time he felt nervous. He had analyzed his feelings and had come to the conclusion that he wanted to start over with Changmin. He didn’t want him to come back to his old self. He had liked the way he talked about life during the dinner at his parents’ home. He had discovered that they had many things in common. But most of all, he wanted to listen to his heart, which had been fluttering upon recalling how Changmin had thrown him gentle looks that day.
He knew it was stupid to start falling in love with him when he was the one who had hired him as a fake boyfriend. He wanted to change that. He planned to take him to his favorite place, an aquarium, and confess to him that he wanted to put an end to the contract and start dating him for real.
When Changmin arrived, he told him he wanted to take him to another place, and sighed in relief when Changmin nodded with a smile. The dinner went good. Changmin had obviously stopped ignoring him, though he still kept silent most of the time.
When they finished, they took the leftovers like usual and Jaejoong drove him to the aquarium. When he saw the place Jaejoong had chosen, he opened his mouth in disbelief but didn’t say anything. He watched the fishes silently, then asked :
“Do you by chance know my brother Yunho?”
“No. I mean, not anymore. I used to play with him when I was a child. But our ways separated and I never met him since then. Why ?”
“Because you remind me of him. You two have a lot in common.”
Jaejoong remembered what Junsu had said and ask :
“Changmin-sh, can I ask you something ?”
“Why did you leave your parents’ house ?”
“It has something to do with your brother, right ?”
“How do you know ?”
“My brother wanted me to leave, so I left.”
“Doesn’t he like you ? Or did you two have a fight ? ... Why did he want you to leave ?”
But right when Changmin was about to answer, his phone rang. Changmin read the text message and said :
“My parents want to invite you to a party at their house. Apparently they have talked to your parents. Would you accept to come over on Saturday evening?”
Jaejoong nodded. Changmin texted his parents back, then asked Jaejoong to take him home, because he felt tired.
Jaejoong did as he wanted, and dropped him off at his apartment, then left. Changmin didn’t seem to be thinking of breaking the contract. He didn’t seem to be willing to put a wall between them during their meetings anymore. He had even almost told him the reason why he had left home, and Jaejoong knew it was something he had kept secret even from his own parents. Jaejoong would even finally meet Changmin’s parents and friends, which he wanted to do for some time now.
Everything seemed to go fine for him. But he was not happy. He was far from that. Because he had seen Changmin’s look after he had received the text message. He had heard the reluctance in Changmin’s voice when he had invited him to the party. And he couldn’t help but think that Changmin didn’t want him to meet his family.


Changmin woke up late that day. He had not been able to sleep the last two days, because he dreaded what would happen at the party.
Changmin knew he would have to do it, sooner or later, but he had hoped it would be later. He knew his brother would not accept it so easily, and he didn’t know how he would react.
He had told Junsu he would go home that day, had reassured him by saying that there would be a lot of guests, and had promised he would call him if anything happened.
Junsu, who had guessed Changmin was worried, skipped work to spend most of the day with him. They went out, walked in the city center together, and had fun until it was time to go back home.
He helped Changmin dress up and went with him until his parents’ house, then proposed one last time to stay there and wait for him, but Changmin refused and called a taxi to take him back to their apartment.
When the taxi left, Changmin looked at his watch, he saw it was 7:55p.m. and thought Jaejoong would be there soon, because he was never late. He smiled when he recognized his car three minutes later, and waited for him in front of the house. Jaejoong joined him quickly and they entered the house.
Changmin’s parents were delighted with Jaejoong. He was kind, well-mannered, intelligent, cultivated, and listened to everything and everyone with interest. Changmin didn’t leave his side, expecting his brother to come at any moment, but nothing. He thought he was maybe out, not willing to be part of the party their parents held for his boyfriend, and started feeling at ease.
At 11:30p.m., he decided to go bring some things from his room before heading back home with Jaejoong, who had proposed to drive him back. He went upstairs and started taking some clothes with him.
He was lost in his thoughts when he heard a voice.
“So you have a boyfriend.”
Changmin turned around and saw his brother.
“It seems pretty serious, judging by the fact that you stayed by his side the whole time you two were there.”
Changmin watched him come in and sit on his bed.
“Does he know you live with a prostitute ?”
He laughed at Changmin’s surprised look.
“Do you think I would let you leave the house and not try to find out where you went ? I’m not such a bastard. I thought you would go to the hotel, but you chose to go to that Junsu’s apartment. I bet he is good in bed.”
“Don’t talk like that. He only helped me.”
“But you two, it was impossible, right ? So you found another slut, more chic and decent.”
“I told you not to talk like that.”
“You have rejected me for two sluts, and you reproach me for the way I talk ?”
Yunho had stood up and was now in front of Changmin.
“Changmin-ah, why are you doing this to me ? You know I… You know what I feel. Why don’t you just let me a chance, I can be good too…”
Yunho gripped Changmin’s hands and pushed him against the wall. He looked at him with a pleading look, and kissed him roughly on the mouth. He smelled like alcohol. Changmin tried to escape but Yunho was pinning him up with his whole body. He brought his two arms together and held his hands with one hand, and used the other to feel him up, he eyes half closed now, bright with desire, and Changmin was about to give up when he suddenly felt freed from his brother’s weight.
He saw Jaejoong punch Yunho hard on the face, then in the stomach. Yunho, who was drunk, fell on the floor.
Jaejoong looked horrified at Yunho, ready to hit him again if he moved one finger, but he seemed knocked out for now.
Changmin felt like his feet couldn’t support him anymore, and let himself fall on the floor, next to Yunho.
Jaejoong caught his breath and went to help Changmin get up and leave the room, but Changmin stopped him and said:
“We can’t leave him like this. He’s drunk. Can you help me carry him to his room, please ?”
Jaejoong looked at him hesitantly, but eventually agreed. He lifted Yunho on his shoulder, and followed Changmin. When he entered the room, he stood there for a moment, looking around.
The room was decorated like an aquarium. There were fishes everywhere, as well as books. Jaejoong recognized some of them to be ones he had talked about to Changmin.
He dropped Yunho down on his bed, and watched Changmin carefully put the blankets on him. Then they went downstairs, said good bye to Changmin’s parents and left.
Jaejoong drove until they arrived at a park. Once there, he turned to Changmin and said :
“Changmin-ah, are you feeling better ?”
Changmin had recovered from the shock, but his body told something else. His hair was messy, his shirt was open and showed his neck. His eyes were bright and his cheeks and lips were red. Jaejoong tried not to think how desirable he looked and waited for him to talk with a worried look.
“I’m sorry.”
“You have done nothing wrong, Changmin-ah.”
“I’m sorry you saw that.”
“It was Yunho-shi, right ?”
“How come… How come he has that kind of… feelings… for you ?”
“But he’s your brother !”
“Yes. No. Yes.”
Jaejoong looked puzzled at him and waited for him to be ready to talk.
“He used to be a great big brother. We used to have a very good relationship. He was caring and kind and smart. He played with me, took me out, bought me toys and candies. One day he came out. He had a hard time back then, dealing with the solitude. His friends avoided his touch as if he were sick and our parents were disappointed. I was the only one who supported him fully. Then he discovered he was adopted, but I promised him nothing would change between us. I didn’t expect he would be the one who would change. He confessed to me that he loved me, not as a brother, but as a man. Though I rejected his love, he insisted. I think he was afraid to lose the only person who had never rejected him before. One day… He… caught me and almost raped me. It took all what he had in himself to stop himself, but we knew we couldn’t stay together in the same house anymore.”
“Is this the reason why you left your parents’ house ?”
“Yes. I hoped he would forget about me if I gave him enough time.”
Jaejoong watched Changmin and felt an urge to kiss him. He could perfectly understand what Yunho felt. He drove back to Changmin’s apartment, and left. He had an idea.


The next weeks, Jaejoong met Yunho as often as he could. They talked a lot. Jaejoong worked hard to gain Yunho’s trust. But once he did, they became best friends. Jaejoong had a lot in common with Yunho, and it was easy for them to talk about everything.
But he also worked hard with Changmin too. He had understood why Changmin was so reluctant to speak with him. He reminded him too much of his brother. He knew by experience that feelings were hard to have under control, and he was not the player type. So he decided to keep their relationship to its level : he was hired to play a fake boyfriend. Nothing more.
Jaejoong was now sure he had fallen in love with Changmin. He waited to be sure Yunho had overcome his weakness and invited him to their next date.
Yunho talked to Changmin. He apologized sincerely for everything and told him he had his mind back. He even confessed he had asked their parents to set up a blind date for him with a man. He had convinced their parents that it was okay if Changmin didn’t want to live with them anymore, and he needed more money to pay for his apartment. Then he told Changmin with a smile he was going to have his first blind date in another restaurant and left.
Jaejoong looked at Changmin with a smile and felt his heart flutter when Changmin smiled back.
“Your parents have credited your account, you don’t need me anymore, right ? So I guess we can end the contract.”
“I’m very grateful-“
“Under two conditions. I want you to start dating me for real.”
Changmin looked at him with surprise.
“I want you to be my real boyfriend. I love you, Changmin-ah.”
Changmin blushed but looked at him in the eyes when he nodded. Jaejoong was so happy he just stayed there, watching Changmin who felt embarrassed to be stared at. Eventually Changmin finished his dish and Jaejoong was about to call the waiter when Changmin asked :
“What is the second condition ?”
Jaejoong glanced sheepishly at Changmin and murmured :
“I want you to leave Junsu’s apartment and stay with me instead.”
The end.
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