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Of carelessness and its advantages.

Title : Of carelessness and its advantages.
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : pg-13 (to be safe)
Genre : fluff, attempt of humor
Length : oneshot
Summary : Changmin hates it when Jaejoong is careless. Jaejoong doesn’t mind.
Author’s note : Sorry for the lame title, I can’t seem to name my fics according to what I would like them to sound… I hope you like the fic anyway !

Changmin hates it when Jaejoong is careless. Mostly because it has always something to do with him.
“Okay, guys, I’m leaving !” Yoochun said. “Jaejoong-ah ! Where did you put the beanie I lent you yesterday ?”
“I don’t know”, Jaejoong answered.
“I bet he lost it”, Changmin started with a sigh.
“What !” Yoochun yelled.
“Or worse, he gave it to a homeless person on his way back, because he found it ugly”, Changmin continued, pleased that for once, someone else would complain about Jaejoong’s careless attitude.
“That’s impossible, Yoochun said. But you better not, Jaejoong-ah.
“Why ? It doesn’t matter, you have plenty other beanies”. Seeing there was no response from Yoochun, he added : “I will buy you another, a better one, I promise !”
“Hahaha ! I knew it !” Changmin laughed.
“Jaejoong-ah, I think you’re in trouble”
“Why ?” Jaejoong asked cutely ?
“Because it was not mine. It was Minnie’s. I’m off !”
Yoochun rushed outside and ran away, because as much as he loved to see the Soulfighters in action, he also knew calling Changmin ‘Minnie’ was not a good idea when he was in the same room, especially with witnesses.
“Jae-Joong-Aaaah”, Changmin started in a threatening tone, “I’m going to-“
Considering there must be pregnant women, old and feeble persons among the readers, the author decided that she had to suppress the following scene for the reader’s sake.

It had been ages since they last went on a trip together. They had only two days off, so they had to make the most out of it. And they started planning everything one week ago. Yunho knew a nice place where they could go hike without being bothered by fans, because it was of a quite hard level, and they could spend the night camping and have a good chat around the fire. He would lead them through the ways. Yoochun was in charge of the materiel for the tent. Junsu had prepared the sleeping bags and would improvise himself an MC with interesting activities. Changmin chose to carry some necessary utensils and Jaejoong was in charge of the food.
They all were very excited and had been looking forward to walk, even in the mud and under the rain, because Jaejoong had promised them the whole week they would taste a new delicious dish he had learned to cook.
When at the camp, they all divided up tasks : Yoochun and Junsu would pitch the tents, Yunho would go check the surroundings, and Changmin would help Jaejoong with the cooking.
Chagmin looked at the receipts’ book and started licking his lips with a smile. Jaejoong noticed him and thought there was something else than the receipt that looked tasty as well. When Changmin caught him staring at him, he yelled :
“What are you waiting for ? I’m getting angry !”
“I… I need a fire to cook. Why don’t you go find some firewood ?”
At that moment, Yunho came back and told Yoochun and Junsu to come help him with the markings
They all left except for Jaejoong, who decided to hurry and prepare the dishes. But having trained a lot with that receipt, he finished rather quickly and soon found himself waiting there, with the food almost ready, and no sign of Changmin.
He remembered the maknae’s look of delighted hope when he thought of the meal his hyung was about to cook and thought he shouldn’t force him to leave just because he couldn’t restrain himself from fantasizing about his innocent face. He decided that he should go find him and make it up to him by giving him a lot to eat.
It took half an hour just to find Changmin, who had spotted a fawn and was admiring it from afar. Jaejoong came closer in silence and wrapped his arms around him.
“What- Jaejoong hyung, is that you ?”
“Shhh, Min-ah, yes, it’s me.”
“Why are you holding me like this ?”
“I… I was scared. I thought something happened to you because you were late”, Jaejoong half-lied. He was enjoying his warmth as well as his touch.
“You should be. After I left you, I spotted a lot of animals, and dangerous ones, like wild boars. We better go back now.”
“Let’s head back to the camp, food is waiting”, Jaejoong said.
When they arrived at the camp, they found Yunho, Junsu and Yoochun dead worried. The camp was devastated, and they thought the responsible of the disaster had taken Jaejoong and Changmin with them. They all fell in Jaejoong’s and Changmin’s arms before Yunho asked :
“What happened ? Where were you?”
“Changmin went to bring some firewood while I was cooking, and then I finished and since I was alone and he was late, I decided to go find him”, Jaejoong explained.
“And you didn’t think it would be a bad idea to leave food in a camp in the middle of a forest full of wild animals, did you?”Yunho sighed.
“I saw wild boars no far from there”, Changmin said.
“It must be them who did this. They have been attracted by the smell of Jaejoong’s food, Yunho stated.
“What are we going to eat?” Junsu complained. “I’m starving!”
Yunho took off his backpack and said :
“I still have the sandwiches we bought on the way. Let’s eat them and we will see what we can find tomorrow.”
Changmin sighed and thought Jaejoong’s carelessness should figure in a Guinness book.

That day had been awful for all DBSK members. A day that was initially planned off turned into a whole morning of shooting and a reboot of their choreography for the music video they had to film the next week. Yunho, who was a perfectionist, wanted them to learn it as soon as possible and they had spend the afternoon in the rehearsal’s room.
At the end of the day, Changmin, who had spent the whole night playing video games because he thought he could sleep the next day, was worn out and when the others proposed to go out for a drink, he passed and headed to the car that would drive him home.
Jaejoong, who had been first to say yes for a drink, felt bad about his poor maknae left alone in the apartment and decided to follow him to the car. If he had planned to use the one-to-one moment to find a way to make him his, we, Author, are not sure about it, but it would be safe to say that it was out of question to just have dinner and go sleep like Changmin had described his plans earlier.
So Jaejoong left the others in a hurry and forgot to pack his things safely in his bag. He spotted the car a little farther on the street and started running after it, calling out for Changmin and making big waves with his free arm.
Changmin finally saw him and told the driver to stop, but suddenly Jaejoong lost something on the street. He made a gesture that Jaejoong didn’t understand but when he came closer, he heard Changmin scream :
“Your coat !”
Jaejoong understood and turned around. He spotted the coat and ran towards it when a car hit him.
Changmin lost it. He went out of his car immediately without thinking, followed Jaejoong and squatted next to him with a dead worried look.
“Jaejoong-ah ? Jaejoong-ah ? Are you okay ? Talk to me ! Pleaaase !”
Jaejoong opened his eyes and smiled feebly.
“I… I think… I’m okay, just a little stunned.”
Changmin carried him back to his car, brought his bag and the coat and they left for the hospital.
When the doctors confirmed that it was not serious, Changmin accepted to head back home and make sure Jaejoong was taken care of.
He cooked some ramen for them both, then put Jaejoong in bed and sat on a chair next to him. He looked at him, his eyes pleading to be forgiven. Jaejoong murmured :
“Minnie-ah, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s because I’m so careless. I should-“
Changmin stopped him from talking with a kiss.
And Jaejoong thought it was okay to be careless because he had Changmin to take care of him.
The end.

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Tags: fluff, humor, jaemin, oneshot, with : yunho, with yoochun, with: junsu

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