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It's all about being family

Title : It’s all about being family (prologue)
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : PG-15
Warning : twincest (brother x brother)
Summary : Changmin (11), Jaejoong (13) and Junsu (1) are brothers in a healthy family. One day they go on a trip and Changmin and Jaejoong are kidnapped. Shut away for years, they will share their doubts, their fears, but also their hopes…
Author’s note : Hi ! So, here is my first chaptered fic. I wish I could have some of you leaving a comment because I’m not sure my fics are read, and I plan to make this one quite long. So… I’m looking forward to your support !

When I read again my old diary, I can clearly see two different parts in my life. The first part with my parents and my two brothers, is like a nice dream that enticed me for so long that when it turned into a nightmare I couldn’t find a way out unless I had to forget about the first part forever. The second part is what my older brother and I have learned to be the reality, with its roughness and bitterness. But like my brother always said: “it’s all about being family”. These words left a crimson mark on my heart that will never heal.

On the day my little brother was born, I thought I lived a perfect fairytale, where there is no bad guy that wants to take power, where there is no woman’s weakness, where parents love their children and care about them equally.
Junsu was a cute baby. Back then, I, who was already 10, didn’t like babies that much. For a big guy like me, they were boring and dirty, and they took everybody’s attention. I called him cute because when I played with him, he always harbored a big smile that made him look like those angels we can see in church. My big brother Jaejoong, who was only two years older, used to tell me that when growing up, Junsu would become of great use for me. He would do my chores, play games with me and I would always win because I would be the older one.
Jaejoong had always been more mature than me. I was envious of him going out with his friends until 7:00 p.m. while I had to come back home right after school and do my homework. One night hyung came back home late, with bruises everywhere, and said he had been in a fight. He explained that some guys had made fun of him and his family, and had said lies about him being illegitimate. He ended his explanation with a simple ‘I had to fight for you, dad, it’s all about being family’. My father didn’t answer and headed to his office. I asked my mother why he was not getting punished, and she only said it was because high school was so much harder and that I would soon attend it too and see by myself.
My family was very healthy and my father often said it was because he had built his world around his family. That’s what he tried to teach me one day when I complained about Jaejoong hitting me. He took me to his office and told me that my hyung was going through hardship in school and that it was a way for me to learn from my brother to defend myself against attackers, and he concluded that I should be grateful for him to teach me that before entering the real ring that was life, and added that line that would be so often used since then : ‘it’s all about being family’. I thought that that day I had finally understood its full meaning, and I was proud since then, to think I was growing up fast.
Apart from these usual fights with my big brother, I have never experienced anything that would darken my life, and I was sure that the future would grace me even more. I was so wrong.
End of prologue.

Comments are appreciated !

Tags: angst, chaptered, jaemin, kidnapping, romance, twincest, with : yunho, with: junsu
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