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Title : Ouija
Pairing : Jaemin, past Yoomin, Yoosu, Homin (brotherly)
Genre : Alternative Universe, humor, a bit of fluff, also supernatural ?
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Changmin, Yunho’s stepbrother, doesn’t understand why his hyung keeps rejecting him. Jaejoong, Changmin’s best friend, is too busy trying to hide his feelings for him to be able to help him. Yoochun and Junsu, Changmin’s friends, will help him figure out everything by using an Ouija board.
Author’s note : I wanted to make chibi dbsk but my English is too poor for that. So I settled for 12-13 years old characters. I hope you like it :)

-Yunho hyung !
Changmin waited for him to turn around. When he saw his face, he smiled widely and was about to tell him to wait for him to go home, but the latter, suddenly ignoring him, went on and speeded his pace as if nothing happened.
Jaejoong looked at him with an apologetic face and asked :
-He still ignores you, even after two months of cohabitation ?
-I can’t seem to get near him without feeling like I am a bother. He is nice in front of our parents, but other than that, he avoids me. I think he doesn’t like me.
-Don’t be stupid. How could someone not like you ?
Changmin smiled and said:
-Thank you, Jae.
Suddenly, Changmin stared at Jaejoong with a worried look :
-Jae, are you feeling okay ? Your face is red.
Jaejoong reddened even more and turned his head away.
-I’m fine.
-Guys, Junsu yelled form the other side of the street. We’re going to play soccer with Yoochun. Wanna come join us ?
-Yes ! Changmin said happily. Let’s go, Jae !

It was already late, and Changmin was not sure if his brother was still awake. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. He listened and thought he heard a voice tell him to come in. So he opened the door and glanced at the room. It was empty. He entered it cautiously and called :
-Hyung ?
His voice echoed in the dark. Changmin turned on the lights and came closer to the desk. Yunho had been doing his homework. Changmin wondered where he could be at such an hour. He looked at the bed. It was empty, but undone, which meant Yunho had been here. Changmin touched the sheets. They were warm. Yunho had been there not long ago.
Changmin was now scared. He went back to his room and locked himself up until the next morning. When his alarm clock rang, he got up immediately and rushed downstairs to the kitchen. He found his mother making breakfast and Yunho, who was already eating.
-Good morning, Changminnie. Did you wash your face already ?
-Then go, hurry. And then come back. It’s ready.
-Yunho hyung is here ?
-Of course he is. Where do you want him to be ? He leaves with us, now.
-No, I mean-
-I’m off to school, Yunho cut.
He took his backpack and left.

After the last period in the morning, Jaejoong headed to the music room. He knew Changmin liked to use it during lunchtime, and he wanted to make him a surprise. He had written a letter in which he confessed to Changmin his feelings anonymously, and he hoped he could give it to Changmin and see his reaction. But he found Yoochun instead, playing piano.
His disappointment turned into jealousy when he heard Changmin come in and call :
-Yoochunnie, are you already here ?
So, that was the reason Changmin liked to come here? To meet with his ex boyfriend, Yoochun ? Jaejoong felt sad and empty. When Changmin saw him, he tried to smile but couldn’t. He decided not to give him the letter. At least not now.
-Guys, I need your help, Changmin started.
They nooded and Yoochun stopped playing and turned around to give his whole attention to what he was going to say.
-I think my brother has been kidnapped during the night.
-Kidnapped ? It’s impossible, Changminnie, I saw him this morning, Yoochun started.
-I know, but last night I went to see him in his room, and he was not there. I mean, I didn’t see him leave his room, but when I came in, it was empty.
-Maybe he was hiding ? I thought you two didn’t get along well.
-No, I assure you I checked everywhere. I heard a noise, something that sounded like a voice, and then when I came in, no one was there.
-Changminnie, are you sure you didn’t just have a weird dream ?
I am positively sure it was not a dream. And, did I mention that his bed was still warm ?
-You touched his bed ?! Jaejoong shouted.
-Yes, of course, I needed to make sure he was there not long ago. His sheets were undone, which means he had gone to sleep, like I suspected. But then someone- or something came and took him away for the night.
I’m sure you’re mistaken, Changminnie, There must be-
-What did you do when after finding out ?
-I returned to my room and locked myself up until this morning.
-Do you want us to help you investigate ? Yoochun said with a grin.
-Yes ! Changmin answered with a smile.
Jaejoong gave up and said :
-How are we going to help him ?
-First, we need to come over for the night. Ask your mom if we can, for example this Saturday. I will bring all the material we need.
-Thank you, Yoochunnie.
-You’re welcome.
Jaejoong, who was getting terribly jealous of the two, said :
-Changminnie, I need to go, it’s almost time.
-Yes, you’re right. I will go fetch my history book and join you in class.
With that, they both left.

At the end of the day, Jaejoong waited for Changmin to come out of his classroom and they left the school. Jaejoong asked Changmin if they could go to a nice place, just the two of them. He planned to give him the letter in the park, which was a romantic place to confess to someone. They were almost there when Changmin spotted Yunho.
-Look, it’s Yunho hyung !
Jaejoong looked sad, and followed Changmin, who sat on a bench not far from where Yunho was. Thus he could enjoy the nice view and watch his brother without being spotted.
Jaejoong took out a notebook where he had hidden the letter, and kept fiddling with it while looking at Changmin, who was absorbed by the view.
-It’s a nice place, Jae. Thank you for bringing me here.
Jaejoong blushed. He stared at Changmin, and suddenly decided to change his method.
-Changminnie, what about playing something ?
-Do you know a new play ?
-Yes. It’s called truth or dare.
Oh, I know it. But are you sure we can play it just the two of us ?
-Yes. I want to give it a try with just you.
-Then okay, let’s start with you.
-Okay. Changminnie, truth or dare ?
-Do you still like Yoochunnie ?
-What ? No !
-You’re sure ?
-Absolutely. He’s just my friend. Plus he’s going out with Junsu now.
Jaejoong felt relieved. But it didn’t last long.
-Jae, truth or dare.
-I dare you to tell me what you wrote in your notebook earlier.
-What ?
-Yes, I saw you in math class. You were writing something down, but when I looked at it, you closed the notebook.
-It was something in Japanese.
-Can you speak Japanese ?
-No, it’s from a song. I wrote : ‘doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou ?’
-What does that mean ?
-‘Why did I fall in love with you ?’, Jaejoong murmured.
-I see. Your turn.
-Changminnie, Truth or dare ?
-Do you have someone you like ?
-Yes. And you ?
Jaejoong felt his heart break in two pieces. So Changmin had someone he liked. That meant he couldn’t fall for him. His love was hopless.
-How come you didn’t tell me ?
-You didn’t ask. Look, Yunho is leaving ! It’s getting late, what about going back home ? We will see each other tomorrow in class, okay ?
Jaejoong didn’t try to hold back his tears. He put his notebook back in his backpack and left.

It was Saturday evening. Everyone was invited at Changmin’s home. Jaejoong had arrived the first, then Junsu. Changmin had been playing games with them while listening to music.
Suddenly, they heard the bell ring.
-It must be Yoochunnie ! Changmin told his mom.
She went to the front dor and opened to a dripping Yoochun.
-Sorry, I’m late.
-They are all gathered in the living room. Go join them. Here.
She handed him a towel and followed him in the living room.
-Your friend is soaked. Help him dry himself, Changminnie.
She went to the kitchen and prepared some snacks and candies.
-Listen, Changminnie, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed. Your father is already there. If you need anything, your brother is in his room. I left snacks and candies in the kitchen. Is it fine with you ?
-Yes, mom.
-Then good night, everyone.
-Good night, Shim-shi, they all said.
-So, Yoochunnie, why are you so late, Changmin asked.
-Look at yourself ! Junsu said. You’re totally soaked.
-I went to buy this, Yoochun said, before taking out of his bag a board.
-Is that all ? What is it ? A new game ? Junsu asked.
-It’s an Ouija board.
-How do we play it ? Junsu asked.
-How is this going to help me with Yunho’s matter, Yoochunnie ? Changmin asked.
-This board enables human beings to talk to spirits. It’s you, Changminnie, who gave me the idea. Since no one saw Yunho disappear, and since you said it might be something unnatural that took him away, I thought we might as well ask the spirits. Now listen to me. It’s quite simple. Look at the board. There are letters. We put this in the middle and we all need to keep our hands on it, but without moving it. The spirits will. When we ask questions, the spirits will answer us by moving this to the right letters. There are also numbers. On the right, there is a ‘yes’, and on the left, there is a ‘no’. Thus the spirits can speak with us. Now listen carefully. The only rule for this is to never leave the game without saying goodbye. If you do, the spirits will enter our world and haunt us forever.
-I don’t know, it’s already quite worrying, knowing there are spirits all around us, but to speak with them ? What is they don’t like us ? Junsu asked.
-Don’t worry, Junsuie, I’m here to protect you. But you don’t need to worry about them liking you. They don’t care about us. They seem to rather be interested in Yunho. Now, shall we start ?
Jaejoong nodded, Changmin looked at him with excitement, and they all put two fingers on the small movable indicator and Yoochun said :
-Hello, spirits, are you here ? He waited, nothing happened. Hello ? Guys, you need to say hello too.
-Hello, they all repeted.
-Is there someone here ? Yoochun treid again.
-The planchette moved on the table until it arrived on ‘yes’.
They all stopped for a moment, apprehension as well as excitement rising.
-What is your name, spirit ? Jaejoong asked.
The planchette moved to the ‘M’, then ‘A’, then ‘R’, then ‘Y’. Then it stopped.
-Are you alone tonight ? Changmin asked.
The planchette moved to ‘NO’.
-Who is with you? Junsu asked.
The planchette moved to the letters ‘B’, then ‘O’, then ‘B’.
Junsu, who was not reassured, murmured to Yoochun:
-Can we go straight to the point, please ?
-Changmin, it’s your turn, Yoochun said.
-Right, Mary, Bob, can you tell me if Yunho hides something from me.
-But he is holding a grudge against me, right ?
-Why ?
‘M’ - ‘E’ – ‘S’ – ‘S’ – ‘A’ – ‘G’ – ‘E’
-Did he leave a message for me ?
-Where ?
‘B’ – ‘E’ – ‘D’ – ‘R’ – ‘O’ – ‘O’ – ‘M’
-His bedroom ?
-My bedroom ?
-Let’s go see together, Yoochun said.
They all went to Changmin’s bedroom and searched everywhere, until Jaejoong said :
-Here ! Behind the desk ! You left your window open. It must have fallen there because of the draft.
-Let’s go back downstairs, Yoochun said.
They went back to the Ouija board and Changmin resumed :
-If I read the letter, will I disappear like Yunho hyung did last time ?
Changmin opened the letter and read out loud :

“Dear new brother,
I’m writing this letter before I have met you, because I am quite shy to talk to you. I wanted to let you know that I’m glad to have a new brother, even if it means for me to leave my house, my mother, my friends and my old school. I know you are younger, but I feel like we can be friends. I hope you will accept me. If you do, give me a written answer tomorrow.
I wish you the best,

-So that was why he was always ignoring you ? Jaejoong said. Because you didn’t answer him.
-Thank you, Mary and Bob, for the answer. Is there, by chance, any other message left ? Yoochun asked.
-Where ?
‘B’ – ‘A’ – ‘C’ – ‘K’ – ‘P’ – ‘A’ – ‘C’ – ‘K’.
They all got up and went to look for their backpacks, except for Jaejoong. They searched but didn’t find anything. Suddenly Junsu noticed Jaejoong had not moved.
-Jaejoongie, why are you not checking your own backpack?
Jaejoong didn’t answer, he kept his head low. Changmin worried and came closer to him. He squatted in front of Jaejoong and took his hand in his own.
-You’re hot. And you’re red. Are you sure you’re not sick ?
Yoochun, who had understood Jaejoong was hiding something, went to pick up his backpack and searched in it. He found the letter and brought it.
-Is it the message the spirits were talking about, Jaejoongie ?
Jaejoong nodded weakly. Yoochun opened it and read out loud :

“Dear Changminnie,
I have a confession to make. I am in love with you. I don’t know how long I have been keeping this a secret. I wanted to tell you. I thought maybe you liked someone else. But you never talked about something like that. And I don’t want to lose the chance to make you my boyfriend. So if you are interested, let me know.”

-It’s not signed. Yoochun said.
-Jae, you knew someone confessed to me and you didn’t tell me ?
Jaejoong lokked at him and blushed even more.
-Do you know who it is, Jae ?
Jaejoong nodded.
-Then next time you meet with him, can you tell him I’m not interested ? I already have someone in mind.
Jaejoong curled up in a desperate attempt to hide his broken heart to be rejected for the second time by the one he loved.
-Woooh, and can you please tell us who is the lucky one ? Yoochun said with a smile.
-I will tell you if you promise me to get better, Changmin said, while looking at Jaejjong.
They all looked at Jaejoong in hope he would raise his head. Jaejoong was utterly dejected. He made a big effort to raise up his head and looked at Changmin who was smiling widely at him.
-It’s you, Jae, my friend, that I fell for. I didn’t plan to tell you now, but since it’s the night of confessions, I might as well confess too. I hope you can consider being my boyfriend.
Jaejoong felt his heart skip a beat, before racing like crazy.
-Minnie ! He said, jumping and wrapping his arms around Changmin’s neck. I love you too.
-I knew it ! Yoochun said. I bet you were the one who wrote this letter to Changmin !
Jaejoong nodded sheepishly.
-Well, I feel tired now, what about going to sleep ? Junsu said.
-Wait ! We didn’t ask the spirits if Yunho has been really kidnapped ! Changmin said.
Suddenly, they heard some noise in the stairs. They turned to see what it was and saw Yunho, who was walking towards the kitchen. They called him but he didn’t answer. Changmin thought he was still ignoring him, but no. He noticed his eyes were shut.
-He’s sleepwalking ! Changmin exclaimed !
They all returned to the Ouija board, and Changmin asked :
-Was my brother sleepwalking every night ?
He let out a sigh of relief, and watched Yunho go to the couch and lie down. He understood why he didn’t see him that night, and felt totally reassured.
-Let’s call it a night, guys, I’m tired too.
-Me too, but it was worth it ! Yochun said.
-Don’t forget to say goodbye to the spirits ! Junsu reminded him.
They said goodbye to Mary and Bob, and put the Ouija board back to Yoochun’s bag.
They all went upstairs, in Changmin’s bed, where everything was already ready, and soon fell asleep, Jaejoong holding hands with Changmin.
But Changmin couldn’t fall asleep yet. He waited for them to be asleep and got up. He took a piece of paper and wrote a letter to Yunho. He then went downstairs, put the letter in Yunho’s hand, and covered him with a blanket. He went back upstairs, took Jaejoong’s hand in his own, and finally fell asleep too. His last thought was a thank you for Yoochun, for bringing him back his brother and a lover.

The end.

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