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Title : Destiny-2
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : PG-13
Length : oneshot (long)
Summary: Prompt #1 by Jaeminism
Changmin is the heir of Shim industry who is tired of his work. He wishes to live his life differently but doesn't want to disappoint his Dad. On the other hand Jaejoong is a jobless man who is enjoying his life but his Dad wants him to earn money. He has his degree and everything to get a job but he is too lazy and dumb to actually do an office job. So his best friend gives him the idea to earn money in the easiest way - kidnap a rich guy and demand money from his family. So there you go.... Jae kidnaps Min. In the beginning Min would be thinking of ideas to escape... But later he'll get fond of Jae's dumbness and simplicity and the way Min lives his life. < Yeah that's all I have in mind.

Author’s note : 1) dedicated to jaeminism who gave me the prompt. Thank you ! Hope you like it !
2) I hesitated between two ends, one cheesy and full of crack, the other more psychological and sentimental, I think. So I made two stories with the same prompt. The first part is very similar in both stories, but the second is completely different. You can either choose the one you want to read, or read both of them. I will post them as two different stories. (the other is coming up, tomorrow I hope)

Friday 16th December, 9: 00p.m.
Changmin looked at his watch and was surprised to see it was already so late. He didn’t have dinner yet. In fact, since the morning he had been busy reviewing the last clauses in the contract with that new company his father wanted to work with, and if his watch had not rung, he would still be studying the document. He knew there was no hurry in finishing it today, but he also knew his father hated unfinished business at the end of the week. He would have to finish it tonight if he wanted to spare some time during the week end. He already felt a slight headache. He got up from his chair and went to look at the window. It was snowing. The winter, he thought. Everybody likes winter. It means Christmas. It brings people together and allows family happy reunions. But not for him. He lived with his father, in a sumptuous house. It is not like they didn’t get along well. On the contrary, he was his father’s pride, and he always praised his son’s work in his speeches. But the man never failed to convey a threatening message behind his prizes. Changmin could read between the lines.
Changmin sight and decided to go to a restaurant before heading back to the office, to finish his work where he would feel at ease.
He wandered on the streets, imagining himself with a friend, sharing ideas about Christmas decorations and singing silly Christmas songs together. He didn’t feel cold at all. The fresh air made him feel alive. He was not a law-robot anymore. He was Shim Changmin, the man that craved for love, friendship, or whatever relationship that would involve him and someone who didn’t work for him or with him. The kind of man that secretly liked korean pop music, the kind of man that would rather make pranks on everyone than spend the whole day in the office. But he couldn’t. Because his father had made him Choikang Changmin. The kind of man that succeeded in business. The kind of man that majored at the university. The kind of man that would only think about his work.
Suddenly he met someone. A guy that seemed to be waiting for someone else. And yet it was late. He was about to go on walking when he heard someone call the man.
-Jaejoong-ah ! So sorry, so sorry I am late ! You must be freezing !
-Yes, I am, Junsu-yah. I should kill you !
-But why didn’t you wait for me at your father’s home ? Did you argue again ?
-You know him. He said I should hurry and find a job if I wanted to inherit his restaurant. As if I was going to cook my whole life !
Changmin didn’t know why, but he followed them and kept listening to their conversation. But after fifteen minutes, his stomach gurgled, and he decided to enter the first restaurant he would see.

Jaejoong threw himself on the couch at Junsu’s small apartment. He switched on the TV and put on a channel with music.
-Korean pop music ? Again ? Junsu asked with a sigh.
-I love this band. Listen to this one. It’s really good. The music video is great. Though they should wear fewer colors. That is bad, because people only remember that, and it makes them look like silly boys, when they actually work hard to be considered as artists…
-Yeah, I know. You already said that.
-Junsu-yah, what should I do ? I don’t want to work as a lawyer. It’s really boring. I don’t feel like spending my whole life reading through boring documents.
-But it is a good job. It pays well, you are acknowledged by people, and you get to-
-To forget what living is really about.
Jaejoong looked at the newspaper and saw a picture of Choikang Changmin, with an article praising the benefits a big company had made thanks to the son’s CEO, who worked as a lawyer.
-Look at this ! Do you want me to age as fast as this poor man ?
-How can he be aging when he is younger than you ? You are really hopeless.
-I don’t think it would benefit me to have my picture on all the newspapers.
-Well, at least you could make a living, instead of living off your parents and your friends.
-Mh… What other job could make me live ? Let’s see… A job where you can earn a lot of money without working ?
-You could make a hold-up at a bank. Or you could kidnap a rich man’s son.
-Let’s stop the nonsense here and go to bed. I am tired. Junsu sighed.

Monday 19th December, 9:00a.m.
Jaejoong woke up and went to the bathroom. He took a shower, dressed up and went to the kitchen. He found Junsu on the phone.
-Yes, Kim shi. I will tell him. He will definitely go. Thank you, Kim shi.
Junsu hung up and turned to Jaejoong.
-It was your father on the phone with me. He found a great position as a lawyer for you. Remember the picture you saw on the newspapers some days ago ? Choikang Changmin is looking for an associate. You need to go to that company today, at 2:00p.m
-Do I need to ? Jaejoong sighed.
-It is a great job. You are lucky to have an interview there so soon. Someone else could take it away from you.
-I don’t need a job, I need vacation.
-If you want to buy the trailer you talked about yesterday, you better go.

1:45 p.m.
Changmin was sleepy. He had interviewed three men already, and they all seemed to be as boring as possible. He was not sure if he could manage to make another interview, the last planned for that day, without falling asleep in front of the man. He sighed and called his secretary.
-Please tell Kim-shi to come in as soon as he arrives.
He went back to his desk and watched some music videos.
Suddenly he heard someone knocking on the door. He put the music on mute and said:
-Come in.
The man who entered seemed at ease, unlike the three men he had met earlier. When the man greeted him, something caught Changmin’s attention. The man seemed familiar. He looked at him closely and after a minute he asked :
-Did you bring a resume ?
The man handed a document and Changmin asked while taking a look at it.
-Tell me why you want this job.
Jaejoong didn’t answer immediately. He waited for the man to look up at him and said :
-I want to do what you are doing.
Changmin was so sure he had already heard that voice, that he didn’t notice the mocking tone Jaejoong used.
-And can you explain to me what you think I am doing ?
-You are pretending to be working. You have put on a serious mask, but all you have in mind is the music video you were just watching.
Changmin was not sure how to react. So he waited.
-Before you let me come in, I heard a song I know very well. It was Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Wrong Number, wasn’t it ?
Now Changmin knew. He needed to keep his composure or the man would see him reddening. He chose not to get angry and asked :
-So you’re interested in kpop music. Can you tell me why I should hire you for this job?
-Because as you can see on my resume, I am a lawyer. I studied in a good university, and I majored in the same field as you. I also worked at two big companies before and why don’t we cut the shit here ?
-I am sorry ? Changmin asked, shocked.
-You already know all of that, since you have my resume and since you studied at the same university as me. You also worked for a big company before helping with your father’s business. But unlike me, you seem to have fun being locked with a pile of boring documents. I shouldn’t say that, but I need a job to make a living, or my father will keep hassling me.
Changmin was so taken aback by his honesty that he didn’t say anything and kept looking at the man, who seemed to be as relaxed as ever. He didn’t fear to be sent away. He had dared to come and make fun of him, yet for an unknown reason, Changmin could not hold a grudge against him.
-Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the youngest singer in Dong Bang Shin Ki ? Jaejoong asked.
Changmin didn’t answer. He wondered if he had ever met such a carefree man in his whole life.
-I think we will meet each other again, in a close future, Jaejoong said, with a smile.
That’s it ! Changmin thought. He knew he had met the man before. He didn’t remember when or where until the man flashed his smile. It was the man he had followed a few days ago.
Jaejoong didn’t let him go on with the interview. He got up and said a simple good bye before leaving the office, without waiting for an answer.
Changmin was glad he had remembered where he had seen the man. He looked at the resume again and murmured for himself : Kim Jaejoong.
Suddenly the phone rang.
-Hello ?
-Changmin-ah ? I just wanted to let you know that I am going on a business trip for at least three weeks. I am leaving on Friday night. I hope you can handle everything while I am gone.
-Yes, father. Don’t worry. I have already finished reading the new-
He had hung up. His father was not very talkative. Changmin was used to this behavior. He just sighed, and kept for himself the thought of the lonely Christmas he was going to have.

Friday December 23rd, 8: 00 p.m.
Shit. What can he possibly be doing at such an hour ? Jaejoong cursed. But he knew Changmin was the nerd type. He had watched him closely during the whole week and not once did he come out of his office before at least 8: 00p.m. He never met with anyone, he just went home, had dinner with his father, took a shower and went to sleep.
He looked up at Changmin’s window office and saw the lights on. He had been working since 8: 00 a.m. He had eaten at the self at lunchtime, but it took him less than an hour, since he was alone. Jaejoong wondered if he could bury himself alive in work like Changmin did.
Suddenly, the lights were turned off, and Jaejoong prepared himself. No one was in the street, and Jaejoong thought the man had made the job easier for him.
When Changmin went out of the office, Jaejoong appeared behind him, caught him by the neck and covered his face with a tissue soaked with something that smelled like alcohol. Changmin, who was taken by surprise, didn’t move and soon collapsed in Jaejoong’s arms. Jaejoong carried him to his car and drove until they arrived at a small apartment.
He had not told anyone about this apartment he had bought a few years ago, when he was still working. He carried the unconscious man to his bed and tied him by the hands to the corners of the bed. He tied his feet together, and blindfolded him. Then he went to the living room and dialed Changmin’s father’s number. The answering machine answered. He tried again, and again, but no response. He decided to wait for Changmin to wake up and ask him what his father’s number was.
He went to the couch and turned on the television.
Two hours later, he heard the unconscious man stir and moan. He got up and went to the chair next to the bed, and said :
-Choikang-shi ?
As expected, Changmin freezed. Jaejoong watched him for a moment, then said :
-I just kidnapped you. I want money. I tried to call your father, but he didn’t answer. Can you explain to me why ?
Changmin stayed still and kept silent. Jaejoong thought maybe he was still a little dizzy and came closer, he murmured softly his name while touching his arm. Changmin jumped and moved backwards., panicked.
Jaejoong sat back on his chair and said calmly:
-You don’t need to be afraid. If you stay calm and do as I say, nothing will happen to you, you will go back home soon. Now I need you to tell me why your father is not picking up the phone.
-He’s- He’s on the plane. He is going abroad for a few weeks.
-What ?!
Jaejoong felt stupid. He had spent the whole week following Changmin from the office to his home, he had even met Changmin’s secretary to make sure Changmin had no plans for Christmas. He had watched him work with other men and had made sure no one was friends with him. He knew Changmin worked so late no one would notice if he suddenly disappeared. He had checked everything about Changmin, but he didn’t think that his father would be a problem.
-When is he coming back ?
-In a few weeks.
-Don’t you have a private number with which you can call him ? You’re his son.
-He doesn’t like to be bothered.
Jaejoong looked at Changmin, dumbfounded. He quarreled often with his own father. They rarely agreed on anything. But never would his father call him a burden. He started to understand Changmin’s serious and solitary behavior.
Suddenly, he heard the most unexpected noise : Changmin’s stomach. He repressed a smile and went to the kitchen where he prepared something to eat.
When he finished, he put everything on a tray and headed to the bed. He put everything on the chair, put on his balaclava and came closer to Changmin.
-I’m going to remove your blindfold, so don’t move.
After that he put the tray on Changmin’s legs and untied his right hand.
Changmin stayed still and refused to look at the food. Jaejoong understood him and reassured him by taking a mouthful of the dish.
Changmin finally accepted to try it, and after the first mouthful his eyes widened.
It was very tasty, Jaejoong knew it. But for some unknown reason, Jaejoong was glad Changmin approved him.
He watched the man eat and found himself engrossed in looking at Changmin’s lips. When the latter finished and looked at him, Jaejoong, embarrassed, took the tray back to the kitchen, and came back to Changmin.
He observed him for a while and was surprised to see Changmin was not the least worried about what was going to happen. He was staring at him patiently, waiting for the next.
Jaejoong remembered his hand and went to tie it up back, but Changmin said :
-I would like to go the bathroom.
Jaejoong looked at him and decided that if he had to spend the whole night at his house, he should better let him go to the bathroom. He took his gun and showed it to Changmin, who nodded, before untying his arms and feet.
He followed him until the bathroom and waited for him to finish before heading back to the bed. He tied him up again. But looking at the man all tied up and powerless, and remembering the tall man that looked always elegant and serious in his suits, Jaejoong felt pity. He remembered why he had brought him and wondered why the man didn’t try to beg him to let him go. But he knew Changmin was smart. He knew he couldn’t do anything, so he did the only thing he could do : he waited.
Jaejoong looked at the clock and saw it was already 11:00. He knew Changmin usually went to bed around that time, so he said :
-It’s time to get some rest. Tomorrow morning I will call your father again, and let you tell him about your situation.
With that said, he left. But he didn’t plan to sleep yet. In fact, he couldn’t keep his thoughts away from Changmin. He tried to turn on the television, but he couldn’t find any interest in the movie he was watching. His mind kept showing him the two faces of Changmin, the one in his office, when he had interviewed him, indifferent to everything, and the one he had showed when he tasted the food Jaejoong had prepared.
Jaejoong also kept wondering why the man didn’t seem afraid of him, and didn’t try to escape yet. He had watched him while he was eating, and then in the bathroom. Changmin was taller than him, and much muscled. He worked out a lot when he was home, bye the bye that was the only thing he did apart from working. Yet the man seemed, for an unknown reason, not wanting to leave.
Jaejoong waited until he was sure Changmin was asleep and went to the chair next to the bed. He sat on it and watched the man.
Changmin was very handsome. He seemed very young when asleep. Jaejoong had already noticed that the man looked very young and adorable when he smiled. And that he was smart. Jaejoong had tried to make him get angry during the interview, but he stayed calm and didn’t reject him away even when he had mocked him. He also knew Changmin was a kpop fan, which was very surprising from a lawyer. Jaejoong knew he only lived with his father, and about that he reminded himself of himself who had only his father left. He knew they had a lot in common, but one thing he didn’t know is why he couldn’t seem to think of something else but him. He had spent the whole week following him from work to his house, and from his house to work. He had observed him by the window of his room. Changmin would have made anyone bored to death with such a schedule, and Jaejoong knew better than anyone how boring and repetitive his work itself was. Yet Changmin never complained.
Suddenly, Changmin stirred. Jaejoong watched him. The man started to talk while being still asleep. He murmured something about signing a document and sending it right away. Jaejoong felt sorry for him. The small face, that looked so young, so adorable, was crinkled because he was dreaming of work. Suddenly he felt the urge to come closer to him, and watch his lips. He came closer, closer, and stood still. He imagined what it tasted like to kiss such beautiful lips. He thought he only needed to come a little closer, a little more, and- No. He couldn’t. He didn’t bring him there to sexually assault him.
But now he felt somewhat relieved. Because he now knew. He knew why he couldn’t keep his thoughts away from him. It was simply because he was attracted to him. The man was handsome. It was normal. It was just natural for him to feel attracted. He just needed some fresh air. Tomorrow, he would call his father, get the money he wanted, and let him go back to his work.
He thought for a second that he would spend Christmas night alone, but decided that he didn’t care. After all, it was none of his business. He got up and left the apartment.

Saturday 24rd December, 07:00 a.m.
Changmin opened his eyes and wondered why he felt dizzy. He tried to get up but found himself all tied up to the bed. It took a second to remember the last night’s events.
He tried to cut the scarves that were used to tie him up with his teeth, but he couldn’t reach his wrists. He looked around him and saw a man lying on the couch.
He was not afraid of him. He had recognized his voice right away. It was that strange man that he had interviewed a few days ago. He thought about himself following him in the snow, and smiled. He didn’t curse his karma, because he had wished for something to happen in his life this year, something that would make his life become exciting. And what was more exciting than a kidnapping ? He knew the man and he knew the man didn’t know he knew him, which was by itself funny. To add to the oddity, the man that kidnapped him had cooked for him! That was the first time someone cared enough for him to make his meal.
Changmin looked around him. The apartment was big, clean, and chic. Changmin knew the man didn’t need the money he was asking for. If he was a lawyer and could afford such an apartment, he surely didn’t need the money. He wondered why he had chosen to kidnap the very man that had interviewed him. He knew the man must have a good reason, and he would try to find out what it was.
He looked at the apartment. He was in the bedroom area, which consisted in a big bed, a window on the right and a door that gave onto the bathroom. There was a chair next to the bed, where the man had sat up earlier, and Changmin noticed he had taken care of his coat for him, before tying him up to the bed. In front of the bed, there was a chest of drawers that separated the bedroom from the living room, which consisted in a big couch, a small table and a TV set on Changmin’s left. Behind the couch, there was an open-on-the-living-room kitchen. The door was on the other side of the apartment. Changmin noticed that the man was lying on the couch, asleep. But suddenly, he heard his cell phone ring. It was the alarm he had set on 07:30 a.m. He regretted choosing DBSK’s ‘still in love’ song, but when he heard the man stir, he hurriedly forgot about it and lay down and closed his eyes, as if he had not awoken yet.
He listened to the man get up, come closer to him, and waited for him to go to the bathroom. But for an unknown reason, he stayed by his side. Changmin wondered if he was about to wake him up, and didn’t dare to make a move, but the man didn’t move. He felt him closer, closer, and when he felt his breath on his cheek, he couldn’t resist and made it as if he was turning his body on his side. He felt the other man touch his shoulder, but didn’t move.
Finally Jaejoong left and went to the bathroom. Changmin, who had caught his breath, let it out with relief and wondered why the man had acted that way.
He decided not to play dumb anymore. After all, he didn’t know the man. He waited for him to come out of the bathroom, and said :
-I need to use the bathroom.
Jaejoong looked at him straight in the eyes. Changmin knew he had used a tone that he wanted to be sharp, and he expected Jaejoong to answer equally, but the man didn’t answer. Instead, he settled for reminding him with a gesture that he had a gun, and untied him.
Changmin went to the bathroom and made it as if he was about to take a shower. He removed his shirt, and looked at the man, indicating he wanted some intimacy. The latter understood and left hurriedly the bathroom. Changmin looked discreetly out and saw Jaejoong went to the kitchen. The way the apartment was he couldn’t go to the front door without being spotted by Jaejoong immediately. He looked at the bathroom and saw only a small gap in the ceiling as air vent.
Changmin didn’t last long in the bathroom. Jaejoong saw him come out and came to tie him back to the bed. Then he brought the breakfast and watched Changmin eat.
When he was finished, Jaejoong took the phone and dialed Changmin’s father’s number, but only the answering machine answered him.
-Why is your father not answering yet ? He must have landed by now, Jaejoong said.
He thought for a while and said :
-Let’s call his hotel room.
He did as said but this time a woman answered.
-Hello ? Can I talk to Choikang-shi ?
Jaejoong heard a feminine voice giggling.
-I’m sorry, sir, he’s not available now.
-Tell him I kidnapped his son. I’m sure he will find some free time.
He heard a grunt and then a male voice.
-What is it ? the man said, visibly annoyed.
-I kidnapped your son.
-Are you kidding me ?
-I want one million dollars on my account today at noon, or I am going to kill him.
-Let me talk to him.
Jaejoong gave Changmin the phone and put it on the speaker.
-Father, I-
-Changmin, is it true ?
-Yes, father.
-Did you tell him what I told you before ? That I never negotiate with people who threaten me ?
-Why is he bothering me then ?
-I’m sorry.
-Listen, I am quite busy right now. Here is what you are going to do. Tell him that you are not my real son, and that I can’t afford to pay so much when I have no benefit in this. I’m sure he will let you go. If he doesn’t, you can always give him some of the money you spared. Do you understand me ?
-Then, I count on you. I am sure you can deal with him as good as I would. And don’t forget that I need you to finish the two cases I left before I come back, okay ?
-Wait- Jaejoong said.
But it was too late. The man had already hung up. Changmin looked up at Jaejoong. The man seemed very angry. Changmin waited for him to speak.
-I will show him. I’m not letting you go.
-I have 250 000 dollars on my personal account, if-
-I don’t want your money. I… Changmin was not sure if Jaejoong was not about to cry. The man suddenly left the apartment without a word.
Changmin was not bothered by his father’s behavior. He knew his father would rely on him for whatever urgent problem that would push his son into calling him abroad. He even expected his father to use his usual disappointed voice to turn the pressure against him or against the kidnapper. His father was that kind of man.
He rather wondered about Jaejoong’s behavior, which was really… Childish? He smiled to himself, thinking if all the kidnappers let the family take control over the phone, there would rarely be any ransom paid. He didn’t act like a professional at all. But then again Jaejoong was not a professional lawbreaker, since he had studied law. And his father would have not done well in his world if he had been so easy to threaten.
Changmin thought one thing leading to another, the last events were quite entertaining. He was looking forward to what would happen next with Jaejoong.

2:00 p.m.
Jaejoong was in front of his father’s restaurant. He was standing there, despite the cold weather, to observe him. His father was cooking, like usual, serving the customers, with a tired smile. When someone, a regular, asked him about his son, he answered proudly that he was looking for a job as a lawyer, and that he was about to start in a big and famous company. Jaejoong thought his father should show his pride when talking to him instead of the customers, because the last time he talked to him, his father had yelled at him for being a good for nothing. But he smiled. He thought that maybe all the parents were like that, always nagging with their children, or, in Changmin’s case, demanding, but in fact, they only wanted them to succeed in life. He should not get all worked up with that if Changmin was okay with the situation. After all, he didn’t seem worried to see his father abandon him.
Jaejoong felt like he should make it up to Changmin. He decided to decorate the apartment for Christmas and spend it with him, and cooking for him. He went to the market and bought a small Christmas tree, some garlands and some Christmas decoration, and went back home.
He entered quietly and found Changmin asleep. He was busy the whole afternoon decorating the apartment and making dinner.
At 05:00 p.m, Jaejoong wondered why Changmin didn’t woke up yet, and after making sure his balaclava hid him he came closer to Changmin. Once again he felt immediately attracted by the handsome face. He suddenly smelled something and thought it was strange to smell alcohol here. He looked around Changmin and soon found out he had left the tissue he had used on him on the bed. In fact, he had used it to tie one of Changmin’s hands with it in the morning, because he didn’t find the scarf he had removed and had used the first thing he had found instead. Changmin had probably smelled the tissue the whole day, and that was why he was still asleep.
Jaejoong cursed himself for being so stupid, but then an idea popped up in his mind. Changmin was knocked out. Jaejoong had nothing to do but to wait for him to wake up. He decided that stroking Changmin’s cheek would not do any harm. He observed him closely and gradually felt himself filled with ideas he shouldn’t have about the young man.
He wanted to kiss him. He felt the urge one kiss could be a good remedy to his problem. He looked at the peaceful head that was facing him, and decided to give it a try. He bent down and his lips touched Changmin’s, softly, so that he would wake him up. His lips were so soft he wasn’t sure he was not kissing a cloud. Jaejoong kissed him again, this time deepening the kiss. He tasted like alcohol, and Jaejoong knew it was his fault, but the more he kissed, the more he wanted. His right hand seemed to place itself on Changmin shoulder, and started caressing the skin. The left hand came under Changmin’s neck to help Jaejoong deepen the kiss. He Jaejoong was so immersed in what he was doing that he almost missed Changmin’s opening eyes.
Shit! Jaejoong thought. He’s awakening. Jaejoong pulled back and removed his hands. He looked at Changmin, almost hoping he would wake up and find out about him, about his new feelings, and was almost disappointed to see him go back to sleep.
He got up, picked up the tissue and went to throw it before sitting on the couch. He turned on the television and listened to the Christmas programs.

06:00 p.m.
Changmin woke up unwillingly. He had had a wet dream, and it was the first time he felt his body react like that. He opened his eyes and listened to the music that was playing. Was it SM town ? He suddenly remembered where he was and sat up quickly, suddenly very aware of his state and trying to hide the bulge in his tight pants. He knew being all tied up like this would make it obvious, but he didn’t know what to do. Flashes of his dream came back to him. Jaejoong. Jaejoong looking at him. Jaejoong close to him. Jaejoong kissing him. Touching him. He knew it was ridiculous, but he couldn’t think of anyone right now but the black eyes that showed through the balaclava and that he knew belonged to Kim Jaejoong, the man who had kidnapped him.
He heard him and felt embarrassed he would find out. He wriggled until Jaejoong came and suddenly freezed. Jaejoong would think he was squirming and might hit him or worse. But instead the man looked at him and said :
-You must be tired of being all tied up like this… What if… What if I told you I will untie you ? Will you try to escape ?
Changmin, who was too busy avoiding looking at his lower part, didn’t catch all what he said and only heard the word ‘escape’. He shook his head and looked at the man, and started to panic when he saw him come closer, until his right hand was untied, which is when comprehension hit him and he stopped moving. Jaejoong untied his other hand and when he was about to untie his legs, Changmin made a move to do it himself, using the opportunity to curl up. Jaejoong watched him and Changmin thought he was being even more suspect acting like a crazy man. He raised his head to look briefly at the man and said:
-I need the bathroom.
Jaejoong nodded and Changmin rushed to the bathroom and locked himself up. He let out a sigh of relief but soon felt the embarrassment rise again when he thought of something else. He looked hurriedly at the mirror and found what he dreaded : his face was bright red. Changmin had never felt so tired even though he had spent the whole day sleeping. He was about to take a shower when he heard someone knock on the door.
-Choikang-shi ?
Changmin took a deep breath and opened the door.
-I just thought you would like to change your clothes since you have slept in them. I brought you some of mine, so you can feel at ease.
Changmin took the pile of clothes he was handing him and bowed to thank him. He didn’t wait for the latter to leave and turned around to avoid eye contact. He decided to take a cold shower to make the reddening fade away and to regain his composure.
When he was finished, he put on Jaejoong’s clothes, but not before smelling Jaejoong’s scent. It smelled good. Changmin shook his head and tried not to dwell on this, or his problem would come back. He went out of the bathroom and headed to the bed, but Jaejoong, who was waiting for him, said :
-You know what day it is ?
Changmin shook his head, uncertain.
-It’s Christmas day today. And it’s about to be 7:00 p.m. Time for dinner. What about eating with me?
Changmin couldn’t believe his eyes. Jaejoong indicated the table in the kitchen and for the first time, Changmin paid attention to his environment. Everything was floodlit. There were garlands and decoration everywhere, and the Christmas tree was shining brightly. The dishes smelled deliciously in the whole apartment, and Jaejoong had put on some Christmas songs as background music.
Changmin was not sure what was happening. It was like a dream come true. He never had a Christmas tree, since his father was not the family-type. He usually spent Christmas at home, alone, watching television. He wondered if Jaejoong had a family. Jaejoong. The man that had kidnapped him. The man that had cooked for him. Twice. The man that had organized his first Christmas party. It didn’t matter that they were not friends. It didn’t matter that he was his kidnapper. The only thing that mattered was that at that moment, they shared a nice meal, in Christmas evening. For the first time ever. Changmin thought there was only one thing missing.
Changmin sat at the table and waited for Jaejoong to imitate him. But when the latter was about to start serving them, he stopped him.
-What about removing your balaclava, Kim Jaejoong-shi ?
He couldn’t see Jaejoong’s face, but he was pretty sure Jaejoong was astonished by the revelation.
-How… How did you find out ?
-Your voice. I recognized your voice.
-Why didn’t you say so before ?
-I didn’t know why you were doing this, but I was sure you wouldn’t hurt me.
-I… I… I’m sorry. It was stupid of me.
Jaejoong removed his balaclava and looked at Changmin who smiled.
-So, Changmin started, you like kpop ?

The end.

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Tags: jaemin, oneshot, pg-13
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