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Title : Destiny-1
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : PG
Length : oneshot (long)
Summary: Prompt #1 by Jaeminism
Changmin is the heir of Shim industry who is tired of his work. He wishes to live his life differently but doesn't want to disappoint his Dad. On the other hand Jaejoong is a jobless man who is enjoying his life but his Dad wants him to earn money. He has his degree and everything to get a job but he is too lazy and dumb to actually do an office job. So his best friend gives him the idea to earn money in the easiest way - kidnap a rich guy and demand money from his family. So there you go.... Jae kidnaps Min. In the beginning Min would be thinking of ideas to escape... But later he'll get fond of Jae's dumbness and simplicity and the way Min lives his life. < Yeah that's all I have in mind.

Author’s note : 1) dedicated to jaeminism who gave me the prompt. Thank you ! Hope you like it !
2) I hesitated between two ends, one cheesy and full of crack, the other more psychological and sentimental. So I made two stories with the same prompt. The first part is very similar in both stories, but the second is completely different. You can either choose the one you want to read, or read both of them. I will post them as two different stories. (the other is coming up, tomorrow I hope)

Friday 15th December, 9: 00p.m.

Changmin looked at his watch and was surprised to see it was already so late. He didn’t have dinner yet. In fact, since the morning he had been busy reviewing the last clauses in the contract with that new company his father wanted to work with, and if his watch had not rung, he would still be studying the document. He knew there was no hurry in finishing it today, but he also knew his father hated unfinished business at the end of the week. He would have to finish it tonight if he wanted to spare some time during the week end. He already felt a slight headache. He got up from his chair and went to look at the window. It was snowing. The winter, he thought. Everybody likes winter. It means Christmas. It brings people together and allows family happy reunions. But not for him. He lived with his father, in a sumptuous house. It is not like they didn’t get along well. On the contrary, he was his father’s pride, and he always praised his son’s work in his speeches. But the man never failed to convey a threatening message behind his prizes. Changmin could read between the lines.
Changmin sight and decided to go to a restaurant before heading back to the office, to finish his work where he would feel at ease.
He wandered on the streets, imagining himself with a friend, sharing ideas about Christmas decorations and singing silly Christmas songs together. He didn’t feel cold at all. The fresh air made him feel alive. He was not a law-robot anymore. He was Shim Changmin, the man that craved for love, friendship, or whatever relationship that would involve him and someone who didn’t work for him or with him. The kind of man that secretly liked korean pop music, the kind of man that would rather make pranks on everyone than spend the whole day in the office. But he couldn’t. Because his father had made him Choikang Changmin. The kind of man that succeeded in business. The kind of man that majored at the university. The kind of man that would only think about his work.
Suddenly he met someone. A guy that seemed to be waiting for someone else. And yet it was late. He was about to go on walking when he heard someone call the man.
-Jaejoong-ah ! So sorry, so sorry I am late ! You must be freezing !
-Yes, I am, Junsu-yah. I should kill you !
-But why didn’t you wait for me at your father’s home ? Did you argue again ?
-You know him. He said I should hurry and find a job if I wanted to inherit his restaurant. As if I was going to cook my whole life !
Changmin didn’t know why, but he followed them and kept listening to their conversation. But after fifteen minutes, his stomach gurgled, and he decided to enter the first restaurant he would see.


Jaejoong threw himself on the couch at Junsu’s small apartment. He switched on the TV and put on a station with music.
-Korean pop music ? Again ? Junsu asked with a sigh.
-I love this band. Listen to this one. It’s really good. The music video is great. Though they should wear less colors. That is bad, because people only remember that, and it makes them look like silly boys, when they actually work hard to be considered as artists…
-Yeah, I know. You already said that.
-Junsu-yah, what should I do ? I don’t want to work as a lawyer. It’s really boring. I don’t feel like spending my whole life reading through boring documents.
-But it is a good job. It pays well, you are acknowledged by people, and you get to-
-To forget what living is really about.
Jaejoong looked at the newspaper and saw a picture of Choikang Changmin, with an article praising the benefits a big company had made thanks to the son’s CEO, who worked as a lawyer.
-Look at this ! Do you want me to age as fast as this poor man ?
-How can he be aging when he is younger than you ? You are really hopeless.
-I don’t think it would benefit me to have my picture on all the newspapers.
-Well, at least you could make a living, instead of living off your parents and your friends.
-Mh… What other job could make me live ? Let’s see… A job where you can earn a lot of money without working ?
-You could make a hold-up at a bank. Or you could kidnap a rich man’s son.
-Let’s stop the nonsense here and go to bed. I am tired. Junsu sighed.

Monday 18th December, 9:00a.m.

Jaejoong woke up and went to the bathroom. He took a shower, dressed and went to the kitchen. He found Junsu on the phone.
-Yes, Kim shi. I will tell him. He will definitely go. Thank you, Kim shi.
Junsu hung up and turned to Jaejoong.
-It was your father on the phone with me. He found a great position as a lawyer for you. Remember the picture you saw on the newspapers some days ago ? Choikang Changmin is looking for an associate. You need to go to that company today, at 2:00p.m
-Do I need to ? Jaejoong sighed.
-It is a great job. You are lucky to have an interview there so soon. Someone else could take it away from you.
-I don’t need a job, I need vacation.
-If you want to buy the trailer you talked about yesterday, you better go.

1:45 p.m.

Changmin was sleepy. He had interviewed three men already, and they all seemed to be as boring as possible. He was not sure if he could manage to make another interview, the last planned for that day, without falling asleep in front of the man. He sighed and called his secretary.
-Please tell Kim shi to come in as soon as he arrives.
He went back to his desk and watched some music videos.
Suddenly he heard someone knocking on the door. He put the music on mute and said:
-Come in.
The man who entered seemed at ease, unlike the three men he had met earlier. When the man greeted him, something caught Changmin’s attention. The man seemed familiar. He looked at him closely and after a minute he asked :
-Did you bring a resume ?
The man handed a document and Changmin asked while taking a look at it.
-Tell me why you want this job.
Jaejoong didn’t answer immediately. He waited for the man to look up at him and said :
-I want to do what you are doing.
Changmin was so sure he had already heard that voice, that he didn’t notice the mocking tone Jaejoong had used.
-And can you explain to me what you think I am doing ?
-You are pretending to be working. You have put on a serious mask, but all you have in mind is the music video you were just watching.
Changmin was not sure how to react. So he waited.
-Before you let me come in, I heard a song I know very well. It was Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Wrong Number, wasn’t it ?
Now Changmin knew. He needed to keep his composure or the man would see him reddening. He chose not to get angry and asked :
-So you’re interested in kpop music. Can you tell me why I should hire you for this job?
-Because as you can see on my resume, I am a lawyer. I studied in a good university, and I majored in the same field as you. I also worked at two big companies before and why don’t we cut the shit here ?
-I am sorry ? Changmin asked, shocked.
-You already know all of that, since you have my resume and since you studied at the same university as me. You also worked for a big company before helping with your father’s business. But unlike me, you seem to have fun being locked with a pile of boring documents. I shouldn’t say that, but I need a job to make a living, or my father will keep hassling me.
Changmin was so taken aback by his honesty that he didn’t say anything and kept looking at the man, who seemed to be as relaxed as ever. He didn’t fear to be sent away. He had dared to come and make fun of him, yet for an unknown reason, Changmin could not hold a grudge against him.
-Did anyone ever tell you you look like the youngest singer in Dong Bang Shin Ki ? Jaejoong asked.
Changmin didn’t answer. He wondered if he had ever met such a carefree man in his whole life.
-I think we will meet each other again, in a close future, Jaejoong said, with a smile.
That’s it ! Changmin thought. He knew he had met the man before. He didn’t remember when or where until the man flashed his smile. He had followed him with his friend, a few days ago.
Jaejoong didn’t let him go on with the interview. He got up and said a simple good bye before leaving the office, without waiting for an answer.
Changmin was glad he had remembered where he had seen the man. He looked at the resume again and murmured for himself : Kim Jaejoong.
Suddenly the phone rang.
-Hello ?
-Changmin-ah ? I just wanted to let you know that I am going on a business trip for at least three weeks. I am leaving on Friday night. I hope you can handle everything while I am gone.
-Yes, father. Don’t worry. I have already finished reading the new-
He had hung up. His father was not very talkative. Changmin was used to this behavior. He just sighed, and kept for himself the thought of the lonely Christmas he was going to have.

Friday December, 22nd. 8: 00 p.m.

Shit. What can he possibly be doing at such an hour ?
Jaejoong cursed. But he knew Changmin was the nerd type. He had watched him closely during the whole week and not once did he come out of his office before at least 8: 00p.m. He never met anyone, just went home, had dinner with his father, took a shower and went to sleep.
He looked up at Changmin’s window office and saw the lights on. He had been working since 8: 00 a.m. He had eaten at the self at lunchtime, but it took him less than an hour. Jaejoong wondered if he could bury himself alive in work like Changmin did.
Suddenly, the lights were turned off, and Jaejoong prepared himself. No one was in the street, and Jaejoong thought the man had made the job easier for him.
When Changmin went out of the office, Jaejoong appeared behind him, caught him by the neck and covered his face with a tissue soaked with something that smelled like alcohol. Changmin, who was taken by surprise, didn’t move and soon collapsed in Jaejoong’s arms. Jaejoong carried him to his car and drove until they arrived at a small apartment.
He had not told anyone about this apartment he had bought a few years ago, when he was still working. He carried the unconscious man to his bed and tied him by the hands to the corners of the bed. He tied his feet together, and blindfolded him. Then he went to the living room and dialed Changmin’s father’s number. The answering machine answered. He tried again, and again, but no response. He decided to wait for Changmin to wake up and ask him what his father’s number was.
He went back to the bed, brought a chair closer to the bed, and sat on it. He looked at the man, and watched.
Changmin was tall, very tall. He was skinny, but muscled. He wore a black suit, shinny leather shoes and a silk scarf. He was very elegant. Jaejoong went up and looked at his face. His jaw was well defined, and very masculine, but he knew the man was young, barely 26. He had looked for information about the man, and he had seen a lot of photos of him in the newspapers. He was a very good lawyer, had worked with many big companies, and had helped his father’s business prosper. Jaejoong had wondered why such a great man had no extra activities. He didn’t seem to befriend the men he worked with. It seemed like he was married to work. Such a waste, Jaejoong thought, before switching on the TV and putting some music.


Changmin felt dizzy. Something weighed on his shoulder. He listened and recognized one of SHINee’s songs. He tried to move but something held his members back. He pulled on it and moaned because he found out he was tied and it hurt him. Suddenly the weigh on his shoulder disappeared.
Someone was with him ! Where was he ? What time was it ? What happened ? He didn’t know, but as he slowly woke up, he started remembering. He had worked as usual until late, then he had left his office around 9:00p.m. But he couldn’t remember where he went or what he did after leaving. He assumed he had passed out at that moment. He tried to open his eyes but found himself blindfolded, and that was when he started to panic. His breathing sped up, and he started pulling on his hands frenetically.
Suddenly, he heard a soft voice.
-Hey calm down. Take it easy. Take it easy.
He freezed. The voice. He knew it.
-Look at what you have done. You hurt yourself. Stop tugging.
He felt hands touch him and moved back, catching his breath.
-Listen, you don’t need to panic. I know your situation is not really reassuring but don’t worry, I don’t plan to hurt you. I kidnapped you because your father is rich. Now listen to me. I promise I will let you come back to your family as soon as he has paid me.
The man waited for an answer, but Changmin kept silence. He had recognized the voice, and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was Kim Jaejoong, the man he had interviewed a few days ago. But as panicked as he was, he knew it would be a bad idea to let him know he had recognized him. He tried to think quickly of something to say, but the latter resumed:
Listen, I already called your father, but it seems like he has changed his number, so I couldn’t get him. I hope you can help me get over with this.
-My… My father went on a trip. He took a plane, that’s probably the reason why he didn’t answer you.
-Oh… I see. We just need to wait for him to land then.
-You are wasting your time. My father will never give you the money.
-Why is that ?
-Because he hates being threatened. He would rather let you kill me.
-I am sure you are exaggerating. You are his only son.
-No, I’m not exaggerating. You will see.
Jaejoong went up and turned the music off. That was when he heard Changmin’s stomach gurgle.
-I am going to fix you something to eat.
Changmin heard him go up and walk and as soon as he left, he pulled on his hands again, but it was no use. They were tightly tied up. He tried to remove the blindfold but thought the man would not let him go if he saw his face.
He listened to the man that was in the kitchen. He couldn’t believe his ears. Jaejoong was humming kpop songs ! He wondered if the man was stupid or if he thought Changmin was so dumb he would not remember him. When Jaejoong returned with a sandwich, he handed it to Changmin but the latter rejected it and said:
-You have already drugged me once, do you think I am so stupid ?
-I promise it is not drugged. I just made a sandwich.
-I don’t eat what I can’t see, Changmin tried again.
He heard the latter move and after a moment he removed his blindfold. Changmin saw Jaejoong was wearing a balaclava. Jaejoong handed him the sandwich again, but Changmin refused to let him feed him. The man didn’t insist and said :
-If I free your right hand, will you be wise ?
Changmin nodded. The man was definitely not a pro. Changmin started feeling at ease, thinking he would certainly find a way to escape before anything serious happened. But for now, seeing him watching him seriously, he decided to comply and ate the sandwich.
When he swallowed the last mouthful, Jaejoong took the plate and was about to put back his blindfold but Changmin looked at him with so sad eyes that he stopped and decided to keep the balaclava on.
Jaejoong suddenly asked :
-When is your father landing ?
-Not before tomorrow morning, I think.
-Then it is time for us to go sleep.
Changmin looked at him with surprised eyes. He wondered what he was going to do now. The man got up, but before leaving, he told Changmin :
-Shall I turn off the lights ?
-I would rather keep them on, please.
-Then good night.
And with that he left.
Changmin immediately tried to pull on his hands again. But now that he could see the scarves around his hands and his feet, he was sure he would not be able to untie them. He looked around. There was a television on a chest of drawers in front of him. On the right, there was a window, he could see that he was not on the ground floor because he could see the sky but not the street. There was no building in front of his window, so there was no way for him to call for help. On the left, there was the chair the man had used, and a pile of CDs on the floor.
Changmin tried frenetically to cut the ties with his teeth, but he couldn’t reach his wrists with his mouth. He looked at the rest of the apartment : behind the television there was the living room with a sofa, he could see the man sleeping on it. The kitchen was behind the sofa, open on the living room, and at the end there was a room that was probably the bathroom. He thought that unlike in the movies, there was no way for him to escape the apartment by the bathroom. The only way out was the front door, a little on the right in front of the couch. It must be locked with a key. Changmin tried frantically to find a solution for a moment, but in the end he was so tired, and he could still smell the sedative solution the man had used on him earlier, that he eventually fell asleep too.

Saturday 23rd December, 07:00 a.m.

Jaejoong opened his eyes and stretched out. He remembered his plan and hurried to the bathroom. He washed his face, dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast. When he was done, he put everything on a tray and went to see the Changmin. He was sleeping peacefully. Jaejoong sat on the chair with the tray on his legs, and watched him for a moment. Changmin was really handsome. Jaejoong didn’t know why, but Changmin seemed lonely. His forehead was crinkled, as if he was worried about something. He turned his head on the left and murmured something about an unfair clause and about a document that would be a proof of something.
Jaejoong was having fun at first because he had discovered the silent, solitary man actually sleep-talked. But he thought it was sad to see even in his dreams he only thought about work.
Suddenly something rang. Jaejoong recognized the song : it was a song sung by Dong Bang Shin Ki, called “more than words”. He looked around and finally found where it came from. It was Changmin’s cell phone. The alarm was set on 7:30 a.m. Changmin stirred but when he found he couldn’t move his hands he suddenly woke up. Jaejoong watched his face go from a peaceful smile to with eyes closed to a defiant look that tried to hide his rising panic.
-Calm down, Choikang-shi, calm down. It’s me, remember ? I won’t harm you. I brought you something to eat. Look.
He showed the tray and waited for Changmin to move away from him, but instead he saw his face lit up with something that resembled joy.
-My favorite ! Changmin let slip out.
Jaejoong burst out laughing and untied Changmin’s right hand like the evening before.
While Changmin was gulping his breakfast, Jaejoong reflected on the man. He always harbored a serious face and all, but in front of good food he was just like a little kid. Jaejoong was about to replace his cell phone in his jacket’s pocket when he saw something slip out of it and fall on the floor. He bent down and picked it up. It was Changmin’s identity card. But instead of ‘Choikang’, it was written ‘Shim’.
When Changmin finished his breakfast, Jaejoong asked him :
-Now what about calling your father ?
Changmin straightened up and his serious face immediately reappeared. Jaejoong thought for a brief moment he wished Changmin kept his happy smile, but remembered his mission, and went to get the phone. He dialed the father’s number and was surprised to hear a woman’s voice:
-Hello, it’s Choikang-shi’s secretary. What can I do for you ?
-Hello, I kidnapped Choikang-shi’s son, Choikang Changmin. Can you please let him know ?
The woman covered the phone for a moment and after a while a man’s voice was on the phone.
-Hello ?
-Are you Choikang-shi ?
-Yes. Who are you ?
-It doesn’t matter who I am, I just want you to know that I kidnapped your son, and I won’t let him go unless you give me one million dollars.
-I don’t believe you. Let me talk to him.
Jaejoong turned the volume up and gave Changmin the phone.
-Father ?
-Changmin ?
-Yes, fath-
-I am very disappointed, Changmin-ah. I thought I had told you to take care of everything while I was gone.
-I’m sorry, father, I-
-You know I can’t give so much money away, don’t you ?
-I know, father, I told-
-Give the man the phone back.
Changmin gave Jaejoong the phone and Jaejoong listened.
-Look, I can’t afford to pay what you said. Plus I’m not in Korea right now, so I can’t take care of it now. I won’t come back until January, and I don’t plan to change my plans just because a crazy man calls me to admit he has kidnapped my son. So you better wait until I come back. Oh, and if you dare harm him in any way, I swear to God I will sue you until there is nothing worth left for you. Have you understood ?
-I’m hanging up now.
Jaejoong was puzzled. He didn’t expect what just happened. He looked at Changmin, who just said:
-I told you he wouldn’t pay.
-But you are his son !
-He despises weak people. That also goes for you too. He would never give you his well-earned money.
-What about you ? Don’t you want to get away ?
Jaejoong waited for an answer but didn’t get any. Jaejoong was so astonished he decided he needed to go out for a while. He tied Changmin’s hand back and left the apartment.
He wandered until he arrived at Junsu’s apartment.
He rang at the door and came in when Junsu opened.
-I was about to go buy some groceries, Jaejoong-ah. Do you want to come with me ?
Jaejoong nodded and followed him to the car. On their way, Jaejoong told him the truth, and Junsu almost had an accident when he heard the news.
-Jaejoong-ah ? Are you crazy ? How could you do such a- And what about the place ? How come you never told me about that place ?
-I bought it a very long time ago. You and I just met back then. What do I do now ?
-What do you do ? You need to free him immediately, of course !
-But I feel like… I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem scared of me. If you had seen his smile when I-
-Jaejoong-ah, are you sure you are talking about a man you kidnapped ? Because it seems to me that you are talking about someone you are falling for instead.
-I didn’t fall for him… I just… I just feel like I want to see him happy.
-You think kidnapping him and leaving him alone all tied up is going to make him happy ? How about starting with letting him go ?
-I think I know how to make him smile. Let’s go buy the groceries first.


Changmin heard footsteps and hoped it was the man coming back. His bladder was full and he was not sure he could hold it a lot more. He heard voices and listened. He recognized Jaejoong’s voice and another he didn’t know. When they came in though, he instantly guessed the friend the man had met the first time Changmin saw him.
While the blond man went to the kitchen to put the groceries in the fridge, Jaejoong, who was still wearing his balaclava, came to Changmin and said:
-Choikang-shi. I changed my plans. I won’t wait for your father, but I don’t want to let you go like that. What about we spend Christmas together ?
Changmin looked at him astonished.
-I know it’s a strange way to start a relationship, but I hope you will stay with us a little more. I must confess I did a little research about you before I brought you here. I know you don’t know much people. You are either at work or alone in your house. So it’s not like you were going to skip anything because of that.
-How about you untie me first ? Changmin said.
Jaejoong looked at him and Changmin, in fear the latter comes back to his senses and becomes defiant, added :
-I need to go to the bathroom. It’s an emergency.
-Oh, of course. I’m sorry.
Jaejoong untied him quickly and added :
-It’s the room at the end of-
But Changmin didn’t wait for his answer. He had noticed they had left the front door open while bringing in the groceries. If he wanted to escape, it was now or never. He stretched a bit, his legs were ankylotic. He walked through the apartment until he arrived to the front door, but at that moment he felt empty. He thought he would come back to an empty house, he would not even have anyone to tell about what just happened. He would stay alone, spend Christmas alone, and wait for his father to come back by burying himself in work, even more than before, in order to make it up to his father. On the other hand, the door that was waiting for him on the other side meant being with that strange yet somewhat entertaining man and his friend. It meant doing something else than work. It meant listening to someone who was not related to him by work. When he looked at the kitchen, he saw the blond man greet him and thought it also meant eating homemade food. He cursed himself for being so stupid, but decided to let go the probably only chance he had to escape, and headed to the bathroom.
When he came out of it, he looked at the kitchen and found the two men had almost finished cooking. It smelled good, and the first man invited him to sit with them and introduced his friend:
-This is Junsu, my best friend. This man is Choikang Changmin.
-What about you, Jaejoong-ah? I bet you didn’t even tell him your own name, or were you stupid enough to do so ? Junsu mocked.
-No, I didn’t.
-You are Kim Jaejoong. Changmin said.
-How did you know, Junsu asked, surprised, while Jaejoong took off the balaclava.
-I recognized his voice. We had met last Monday at my office.
-Jaejoong-ah, can you explain ?
-He is the one that looked for a lawyer, remember ?
-Jaejoong-ah, you must be the craziest man I have ever known.
-It’s not me who is crazy. It is him who is smart. He only heard me once for about ten minutes, and he remembered.
-Anyway, Junsu sighed. I apologize for my friend’s dumbness. I hope he didn’t harm you in any way.
Changmin shook his head and smiled, and Junsu watched his smile.
-I understand what you meant, Jaejoong-ah. Now let’s eat.
-Can I ask you something, Choikang-shi ? Jaejoong asked.
Changmin looked at him in wait for the question.
-Why do people call you Choikang ?
Changmin looked at him with a questioning look.
-I saw you identity card earlier, it fell out from your jacket. It was written ‘Shim’ on it.
-Jaejoong-ah, it is none of your business ! Junsu shouted.
Changmin took in a deep breath and said :
-It is my real name. I was adopted by Choikang-shi.
When Changmin noticed the silence he provoked, he continued.
-My parents died ten years ago. Choikang-shi was a close friend of my father. He decided to adopt me so that I could take care of his business later.
Changmin smiled. He had never told anyone about that. Not because it was a secret, but because he never had anyone to tell. He thought life was strange. The first time he could finally open up to someone, it had to be his kidnapper.
Changmin asked Jaejoong and Junsu about their family, and they happily went on chatting about this and that.
After the lunch, Junsu left, promising he would talk to Jaejoong’s father about Changmin’s offer to hire Jaejoong.
Jaejoong turned on the television and they watched some kpop music videos while chatting happily together.

The end.

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Tags: crack, jaemin, kidnapping, oneshot, pg, with: junsu
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