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Disorder (part 2/3)

Title : Disorder (part 2/3)
Pairing : Jaemin, Homin
Genre : angst (thriller/horror-like)
Rating : PG
Warnings : character’s death, violence
Summary : DBSK members and Yoochun’s and Junsu’s girlfriends are invited by their manager in his big isolated new house to celebrate their first concert in France, which has been very successful. Little did they expect that it would be the end of DBSK.
Author’s note : Inspired by the movie “You’re next”(2012). Sorry if the vocabulary is not always best chosen. It was hard for me to write in external focalization… If you want to point out mistakes, I would be grateful. Here is the second part. I hope you like it !

Part 2
Yunho was up all night long these past few days. He knew Jaejoong was planning to make Changmin his boyfriend, and that seemed intolerable. He couldn’t focus on the steps and when he saw Jaejoong take Changmin’s hand in front of other SM groups, he turned around so quickly he sprained his ankle. Everyone rushed up to help him. Everyone but Changmin, because Jaejoong was holding him. Was holding his hand.
Later, when they finished practice, they went back to their apartment and while Yoochun and Junsu happily discussed with their manager, Jaejoong and Changmin were cooking in the kitchen.
Yunho knew Changmin didn’t like to cook. He would not even watch someone cooking, it was boring and he always said it was not even tempting because everything was still raw. Junsu had let the cat out of the bag when Jaejoong, the last one to come home, had asked where Changmin was.
-He’s out, in the market, he wanted to cook Yunho’s favorite to make up for the loneliness of today, since Yunho didn’t show up at the practice room.
-Well, Yoochun said, he is going to be glad to know you spilled the beans in front of Yunho, Junsu-yah.
-I wonder if it will come out tasty, since he has not much experience… Junsu added innocently.
-I am going to help him ! Jaejoong exclaimed.
He went to the kitchen and started preparing everything while waiting for Changmin. Junsu started a new video game, and Yoochun went to the music room to practice piano. Everything seemed to be calm, but Yunho’s heart and mind were in turmoil. He knew each free moment for Jaejoong was a danger for him. He knew Changmin had changed a lot. He was harboring a secret, and judging from what Yunho had seen, probably not a pleasant one.
When Changmin came home, Yunho got up and went closer to the kitchen, near the schedule. That way he could observe what was happening inside the kitchen and if someone asked why he was up he could say he was looking at their schedule.
At first, nothing was out of the ordinary. While Jaejoong was naturally mixing the ingredients for a simple cake with vegetables while whistling, Changmin was following a recipe. From time to time, Changmin would show Jaejoong a line of the book for an explanation, and do as he was told.
Suddenly something caught Yunho’s eye. Changmin was leaning on Jaejoong’s shoulder, but instead of looking at the recipe, he was looking at Jaejoong’s neck. He was just inches away from it when-
-Changmin-ah, what-
Jaejoong turned his head to Changmin to look at him while explaining but Changmin was too close of him and his lips brushed Jaejoong’s neck. Jaejoong stopped talking for a second before looking at him mischievously and said :
-Mmmh. That felt good.
Changmin smiled and asked him what he was going to say.
-You know what ? Being like this with you in my back, leaning on me, I remembered a dance that I would love to try, it’s called tango.
Yunho caught his breath. The tango is a couple, seducing dance, and he knew Jaejoong would dare to be openly provocative if it could help him.
But when Changmin smirked and responded with a stroke on his cheek, then with an expert gesture of said dance, he took Jaejoong in his arms and made them bend together, Jaejoong himself was taken aback and only murmured :
-Where did you learn that ?
Yunho couldn’t hold back anymore and entered the kitchen. Changmin and Jaejoong stood up straight and while Changmin went back to his recipe, Jaejoong said determined :
-We definitely need to do that again on stage. Yunho, dinner is ready in five minutes. Can you call the others ?
Yunho left, hiding his anger.
During dinner, Yunho barely ate, and surprised everyone when he decided to go out.
After the dinner, Yoochun went back to his music, Junsu to his game, and Jaejoong to his room. Changmin, to Junsu’s disappointment, went to his own room but exited soon. He went to Jaejoong’s room and found him shirtless, trying on some new clothes.
Changmin sat on Jaejoong’s bed and watched him, like he used to do in their debuts, admiring the art to match a black jacket with almost every type of necklace Changmin could imagine. Jaejoong had washed his hair, and Changmin liked how they still looked beautifully done.
Jaejoong was happy to be with Changmin, and he was still thinking of the way Changmin had held him back in the kitchen. He put on a big grey necklace and smiled.
His smile was as sweet as Changmin remembered it was the first time they met. For years they had been soul fighters, and they didn’t smile, but kept on laughing while hitting each other, then these past weeks Jaejoong was more smirking than smiling. He missed that smile. The one that is accompanied with the look. Thinking of the sweetness of the smile, Changmin didn’t notice he was spacing out on Jaejoong, until the latter sat next to him and called :
-Changmin-ah ? Are you listening to me ?
-Huh ? Yes.
-Changmin-ah, there is something I wanted to tell you for some time now.
-I like your smile. I wish you would always smile like this.
Jaejoong smiled happily and took Changmin’s hand in his own. He had prepared himself for such a moment, but he didn’t know it would turn out like this, with Changmin accepting his touch. He had planned to take control with some arousing touches, some intense looks and a mischievous kiss. He wanted Changmin to be taken by surprise, so that he would himself feel confident, like he used to be around his maknae. And he would recite the few sentences he wanted to say to him without being hit or ignored and rejected by the now witty boy. He wanted to hide his insecurities behind a seducing behavior, because he knew Changmin liked men that were manly. But instead he felt his heart beat race and his temperature rise when he noticed Changmin had not taken back his hand but had put it on his thigh instead.
-Changmin-ah, would you… Would you be my boyfriend ?
-I mean, I’m serious.
-So am I.
Jaejoong opened his mouth to say something, but all he could do was turn his head and make a ridiculous gesture with his arm. Changmin recalled with a soft smile the time Jaejoong was filming the drama ‘Unforgettable love’ and he had to show a similar happiness when his girl friend announced him he was chosen to be a member of DBSK. The scene was repeated numerous times, but Jaejoong couldn’t seem to be able to act a true happiness and it had made its way to the NGs. He knew now that it really was Jaejoong’s way to show happiness.
-I didn’t not you were gay.
-I am not. I just fell in love with you.
-So that explains the fan service you made back in France.
Changmin smiled. Jaejoong smiled back, and all his uncertainty faded away.
They continued, Jaejoong making Changmin try some of his clothes, Changmin wiping away the few drops of water that dripped from his hair to his bare shoulders, until they heard Yunho come back. They decided to announce the news to the other members during the dinner in the manager’s house.

End of part 2
The scenes I can’t get enough of. Reminds me of the best days of DBSK…
Comments are appreciated!
Tags: angst, chaptered, homin, jaemin, pg, tragedy

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